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[Inside the Engineering & Science Library]

Welcome to the Engineering & Science Library! The library provides the highest quality information in science, engineering, design and technology.  We look forward to welcoming you in person!

What's Inside the Engineering & Science Library

Collections and Facilities Floor Locate on floorplan
Books A-QA272 Level 2 show on floorplan
Books QA273-Z Level 1 show on floorplan
Bound Journals A-QH Level 3 show on floorplan
Bound Journals QK-Z Level 2 show on floorplan
Circulation and Reserve Ground Floor (Level 4) show on floorplan
Commissionaire/Lost & Found Ground Floor (Level 4) show on floorplan
Current Periodicals Level 5 show on floorplan
Electronic Classroom Ground Floor (Level 4) show on floorplan
Folios Level 2 show on floorplan
Geology and Geophysical Maps Level 5 show on floorplan
Group Study Rooms Levels 1,4,5 book a group study room
Librarians' Offices: 511, 512, 517, 520; Reference Assistant's Office: 518 Level 5 show on floorplan
Microfilm/fiche Collection Level 5 show on floorplan
Photocopiers Level 4 show on floorplan
Printers Levels 4,5 show on floorplan: L4 | L5
Reference Collection Level 5 show on floorplan
Reference/Information Desk Ground Floor (Level 4) show on floorplan
Scanner Level 4,5 show on floorplan: L4 | L5
Science Fiction Lounge Level 5 show on floorplan

About the level numbers:

Level 7: Third floor (three floors above entry)
Level 5: First floor (one floor above entry)
Level 4: Ground floor (entry level)
Level 3: 2S (one floor below entry level)
Level 2: 3S (two floors below entry level)
Level 1: 4S (three floors below entry level)

Library Tour

Engineering & Science Circulation desk

The Circulation desk is located on the ground floor, just inside the main entrance of the library. Visit this desk to check out or return library materials.

Professors will place required readings for Engineering and Science courses on reserve at Stauffer Library . A variety of computer cables and small office equipment are available for loan at the Engineering and Science Circulation desk, such as: USB key; calculator; Apple 85w MacBook Pro 15 adapter with 17" MagSafe port; Apple 4w MacBook Air adapter with MagSafe 2 port; and an Apple 30-pin USB cable for early iPhone, iPod, iPad models. The short-term loans range from 1 hour to 3 hours, depending on the item.

Workstations located throughout the library are networked to shared printer stations. The ground floor printer station (b&w and colour) is located to the right of the Circulation desk.

In order to print or photocopy, you will need a library copy card. Cards can be purchased from the copy card dispensers located to the left of the Ground Floor printer stations (beneath the information display screen).

The Engineering & Science Library Reference Desk is located on the first floor (level 5). Visit this desk for research help and assistance with library searches.

public workstations

A number of public workstations and study tables are located on the first floor (one floor above entry). These workstations are well-equipped with a variety of software packages frequently used by students and faculty in the sciences and engineering.

Quick stop terminals and b&w printer station can be found to the right of the public workstations. (Colour print jobs may be sent to the ground floor printer.) A scanner is also available for public use at this station.

SciFi Lounge

Just beyond the quick stop terminals, you can find the library's Science Fiction lounge. This quiet corner, stocked with a modest collection of science fiction books, is a great spot for leisurely reading.

Engineering & Science Reference Area

Reference materials and Current Periodicals may be found in the library's south wing. This area is located to the right when you enter from the first floor stairway landing.

The south wing also houses several group study rooms, which can be booked online by Queen's students, staff and faculty through the Library website.

The remainder of the library's collections are located in the lower levels - books on floor 4S (three levels below ground), the herbarium collection on 3S (two levels below ground), and periodicals on floors 3S and 2S.

1923 Reading Room

Quiet study space is located on the top floor of Douglas Library, three floors above entry level. The 1923 Reading Room is located to the right of the stairway landing.

Presentation Room

Back on the ground floor, there are two seminar rooms suitable for practicing or delivering presentations. Located behind the Circulation area, these rooms (404, 405) can also be booked through the online booking system.

Engineering & Science e-lab

The library's electronic classroom is also located on the Ground floor, to the left of the main entrance.


Last Updated: 15 April 2015

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