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March 2005

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Food for Fines
March 7 - 11th

Pay off library fines and support a food bank.
For one week library fines will can reduced by $1 for each food item donated received. Read more ...

Borrow a Laptop

Four laptops are now among the items available for loan from the circulation/reserve desk. The laptops can be borrowed for 3 hours by library patrons with a valid student or staff card. Laptops can be taken outside the library, but like all reserve items, are subject to fines if not returned on time.

Citation Linker

If you are looking for a specific article or journal and you know at least the journal title and volume number, use Citation Linker to see whether a copy is available at Queen's, either electronically or in print.

New/Updated Databases

Materials Science: A Sage full-text collection (via ILLUMINA)
15 journals from Sage Publications, available both as a searchable full-text database and as a browsable e-journal.   More information

Extended coverage of Compendex (1884 - )and Inspec (1896- ). Search separately or together via Engineering Village 2

QSpace - Queen's Institutional Repository Project
QSpace collects, preserves, and distributes digital content produced by members of the Queen's community. Here you may find articles, working papers, preprints, technical reports, conference papers and data sets in various digital formats. QSpace is a Library initiative, managed by the Library in partnership with the Queen's communities and IT Services.

On deciding to become an engineer
“One day I rebelled and announced that I was going to be an engineer. My mother turned green and said ‘You can’t do that; no one will marry you.’ When I told the school guidance counselor the same thing, his answer was, ‘No one will hire you; that’s not a job for women.’ I resolved at that moment that someone would hire me because I was going to be a very good engineer.”

Eleanor Baum,
Electrical Engineer
Dean of Engineering
The Cooper Union

From: Journeys of women in science and engineering : no universal constants by Susan A. Ambrose

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"What Do You Believe Is True
Even Though You Cannot Prove It?"

(the 2005 Edge Question)

Edge - the World Question Center
has generated many eye-opening responses from a "who's who" of third culture scientists and science-minded thinkers. Warning: "Once you start, you can't stop thinking about that question. It's like the crack cocaine of the thinking world". (BBC4)

Where do you like to go to think on the Web? Let us know.  We'll post our favourite next issue and send you a prize.
Site recommended by Elizabeth Lonbro.

How is Science Presented in Films?

How good is the science in films such as the Vera Drake, Primer, Kinsey, and "What the Bleep Do We Know? Reel Science , a creation of Chemical & Engineering News, "encourages critical thinking about the way science is presented in film. "

" Reel Science includes reviews of new theatrical releases evaluated with a scientific audience in mind and recommendations of older films that have been influential or controversial within the science fiction genre.

In addition, the site provides news and resources about the ways scientists and screenwriters are working to increase public understanding and appreciation of science in film."

Current recomendation is "Killer Shrews". Currently being reviewed is Primer, a low-budget film written, directed, and produced by an engineer-turned- screenwriter.

Website recommended by Mike White

Library News

Welcome to Mike White

Please join us in welcoming Mike White as Public Services Librarian for Research Services.

Mike is a graduate of Boston University and the University of Michigan's School of Library and Information Studies. He brings a wealth of experience to QUL including over 10 years of science and engineering library experience.

Mike comes to us from his most recent position at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office where he provided specialized research and reference services as well as training programs for library staff and users of the USPTO collections and service. He will be an exceptional addition to the Queen's community.

International Women's Day - March 8


Celebrating Women's Achievements - Canadian Women in Science (from Library and Archives Canada)

Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology

Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics

Society of Canadian Women in Science and Technology


Journeys of women in science and engineering : no universal constants / Susan A. Ambrose
"Thirty-six women in engineering, six women in computer science, and forty-six women in science narrate their professional and personal histories, experiences and lessons in the book. Many of these stories underscore the various factors that have been described in the literature as reasons for women choosing and staying in engineering. Q130 .J68

"After I was kicked out of school in East Africa (for demonstrating against apartheid!), I was working on an old bike and a friend of mine offered me a job in his workshop... He had an incredible background in metallurgy and was a brilliant engineer, really ingenious, with not a lot of formal training. I began working in his workshop and learned a lot of practical skills such as welding, milling, turning, elementary design and drafting, and then began to segue into the more ‘science-y’ approaches to problems that I would use later in my career. ...we would be heat-treating metals. There would be all these mysterious quenches which he knew by the look of things, by family-based empirical learning. One day in the streets of Nairobi, I came across a physical metallurgy textbook......"
Gretchen Kalonji,
Material Scientist Professor
University of Washington

From: Journeys of women in science and engineering : no universal constants by Susan A. Ambrose


New Books

Ancient Wine: the search for the origins of viniculture, by Patrick McGovern . "McGovern shows the central role of wine in human history, with insights drawn from archaeology, chemistry, gastronomy, and the arts
TP559.M53 M34 2003

Self-portrait with turtles : a memoir / David M. Carroll The author "brings to life the crucial moments that have shaped his passion and his talents: his early years in the Old Swamp; the teacher who told him contrary to everything he had heard, that art is the only thing that matters".
QL666.C5 C369 2004
Excerpt from the book from American Scientist

Pastoralism on the Margin by John Markakis
"Pastoralism is a culture, an ancient mode of livestock production and a way of life, which makes extensive use of grazing in the lowlands of eastern Africa and the Horn. However ... it has reached a critical point. Its demise would be a human rights tragedy and a major loss to Africa's and humanity's cultural heritage".
SF140.P38 M37 2004
Read full text (pub. by Minority Right Group)

Read a good Engineering and Science Library book? Send us the title and a sentence or two describing the book. We'll post our favourites next issue and send a prize to a lucky winner.

Women's Day

BOOKS .. cont'd...

The science glass ceiling : academic women scientists and the struggle to succeed
by Sue V. Rosser
Rosser's new book stems from research she has conducted over the last five years, beginning with a simple survey in 1998 asking
"What significant issues do women scientists and engineers face?" The results surprised her - nearly 63 percent of respondents singled out "balancing work with family responsibilities" as their biggest challenge. "This amazed me because the question was so open-ended," Rosser said. "They could have said anything, such as funding."
Q130 .R675 2004

Unlocking the Clubhouse: women in computing / Jane Margolis and Allan Fisher
QA76.25 .M35 2002

Women becoming mathematicians: creating a professional identity in post world war II America / Margaret A.M. Murray
QA27.5 .M88 2000

Promised the moon: the untold story of the first women in the space race / Stephanie Nolen
TL789.8 U5 N64 2002t

Dignifying Science: stories about women scientists / Kim Ottaviani
Q130 .O88 1999