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About the W.D. Jordan Library

In May 1999, the Queen's University Special Collections and the Music Library merged into a newly-renovated space on the second floor of the Douglas Library building located at the south-east corner of University Avenue and Union Street. The well-appointed facility includes the W.D. Jordan Special Collections Reading Room, the Graham George Seminar Room, a conservation workroom, and extensive audio-visual facilities.

Music Library

The Queen's W.D. Jordan Music Library, on the 2nd floor of the Douglas Library building, supports the research, teaching and performance activities of the School of Music in Harrison-LeCaine Hall. The collection houses audio, digital and video recordings, books and journals on musicology, ethnomusicology, music composition, theory and education, popular music, performance and study scores, and historical sets and collected editions of major composers. Emphasis is on Western classical music of all historical periods, and world and popular music. Facilities include the Graham George Seminar room (a fully-equipped audio-visual classroom with piano), seventeen listening stations offering CD, LP, tape and DAT playback, two video stations, and two small group listening/study rooms, complete with audio-visual equipment.

Special Collections

Special Collections is a rich and diverse research resource containing a wide range of materials acquired either through purchase or donation since the establishment of the University in 1841.

Today, the collection numbers in excess of 120,000 volumes. Still present are the original six volumes donated to Queen's in 1840 by Judge James Mitchell, M.A.:

  • a Latin Bible (1592)
  • a Greek New Testament (1760)
  • a French New Testament (1664)
  • a Greek lexicon (1821)
  • a copy of Locke's Essay concerning Human Understanding (1760) in two volumes.

The collection guidelines are to acquire old and rare volumes - mostly published before 1800 - with fine printing, binding or illustrative plates and books which are special because of their format, historical or monetary value, fragile condition or distinguished provenance (former ownership). Also included are many limited editions and private press books.

Last Updated: 26 May 2015

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