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I will be re-purposing this wiki as of January 2014 and moving the materials on Quality Assurance to the Ontario Council of University Libraries Community wiki which is password-protected. The other materials will be incorporated into a LibGuide on Information Literacy on the Queen's Library website. Thanks for visiting!

This space began as a site to share ideas about e-learning. With the recent focus on aQuality Assurance Framework introduced by Ontario Universities, this wiki also offers a place to share new approaches to information literacy integration and assessment. We need to map information literacy outcomes within the University Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations and learn more about how to assess our stated information literacy outcomes. We also need to consider how best to use online environments within this learning process. Nasser Saleh (Integrated Learning Librarian at Queen's University) and I are building a section in this wiki to help us better understand how to do this.

This site was first created as a place to learn about good online learning practice. If you've been asked to design a virtual information literacy resource, you may want to look for answers to these questions:

  • What information literacy outcomes are suitable for this course and how can they be assessed?
  • What types of online learning experiences help students understand information literacy concepts?
  • What are the key design principles that make for quality learning in an online tutorial?
  • What forms of assessment reveal what students learned in a tutorial?
  • Where can I read about lessons learned from librarians who have already done this?
  • How can librarians get involved with e-learning initiatives?

The goal of this wiki is to spark new and creative approaches to e-learning, to share approaches to implementing the UDLES and GDLES, to build a set of proven methods that enhance learning, to encourage librarians to take a leadership role in the development of online learning models and materials, and to save time in the construction of information literacy resources!

The wiki originates with the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL). CARL consists of 27 university libraries plus Library and Archives Canada, Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI), and the Library of Parliament. CARL produced a report outlining e-learning directions for libraries and a suggested webpage of supporting materials evolved into a wiki to be developed collaboratively by librarians in Canada and beyond.

I 1)began this wiki to get us thinking about how and what students learn from our information literacy classes and online resources. I've started with broad teaching and learning principles and I hope to expand the technical tips with your help. My intention is that we build our knowledge together so I invite you to edit and improve these pages. Questions about specific tutorials in the Gallery of Case Studies should be directed to the individual authors who created them.

Please use this URL if you link to the wiki:


Members of the librarian and teaching community are invited to contribute to these pages. Please share your UDLES ideas or examples of successful e-learning experiences in the Gallery of e-Learning Case Studies Please email using your institutional email if you wish to edit pages and I will register you. We look forward to working with you!

1) Cory Laverty, Head of the Education Library, Queen's University, Canada
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