Grants Awarded to Create New Open Education Resources for Our Students

Post Date:
Jun 14, 2021

The library's Open Scholarship Services is pleased to announce the award of four grants for the creation of Open Education Resources to the following recipients in response to the Open Education Resources 2021 Call for Proposals:

  • Oculoplastic Procedural Manual at your Fingertips, Dr. Vladimir Kratky, Dr. Lisa Jagan, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology
  • CanadARThistories, Jen Kennedy, Johanna Amos, Elizabeth Cavaliere (Queen’s University, Department of Art History and Art Conservation)
  • Creating an Open Education Resource for Qualitative Health Research at Queen’s University,  Bradley Stoner and Colleen Davison, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Department of Public Health Sciences
  • MUSC 156/3.0 Digital Audio Recording, Editing and Mixing, Dr. Michael Lukaszuk, Dan School of Music and Drama

Open Education Resources (OERs) are freely accessible, openly licensed learning materials that can be adapted or re-used depending on instructor requirements. They increase the affordability of education for students, can create a foundational resource from which to deliver new course offerings, and provide greater flexibility for instructors in tailoring textbook content.

This year’s Open Education Resources grant proposals reflect a continued interest in leveraging digital opportunities to advance innovative, cost-effective communication models across multiple disciplines. Furthermore, the Open Education Resources funded by this year’s Call for Proposals are indicative of a broader commitment to advancing open education throughout the University.

The ultimate goal is to create a dynamic, living, open-access ‘textbook’ as a primary educational resource for qualitative health research courses at Queen’s University – a comprehensive source of key materials and training resources for students entering this research domain, and one which will be dynamic, mutable, and responsive to new developments and innovations in this rapidly changing arena.

- Bradley Stoner and Colleen Davison, Department of Public Health Sciences

Applications were received from multiple departments under the Create an Open Education Resource ($7,500) and Adapt an Open Education Resource ($2,500) streams. These grants are each designed to support the creation or adaptation of the primary educational resource for a course of study at Queen’s University.

This 2021 Open Education Resources Call for Proposals, supported by the library's Open Scholarship Services, builds on the thirteen successful, previously funded open education resources since 2017. To date, according to the authors' estimates, approximately $500,000 of savings per year will be realized for Queen's students when these textbooks are completed.

Most recently completed among those Open Education Resources currently in development is an Open Textbook by Professor Anya Hageman from the Department of Economics. Funded in 2020, Economic Aspects of the Indigenous Experience in Canada is the principal textbook for ECON 244 (Economics of Indigenous Communities), a class with a typical enrolment of over seventy students per term.

Funding for these projects is provided by Queen’s University Library based on the recommendations of the Open and Affordable Course Materials Working Group with support from the Provost's Advisory Committee on Teaching and Learning. Open Education Resources supports the creation and use of open and affordable course materials at Queen’s University.

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