LAMP Update: What's it all about?

Post Date:
Oct 7, 2014

Distilling the concepts of LAMP into a few pithy points is something done in presentations to various groups. Here are the main elements, drawn from those presentations:


  • The Library and Archives Master Plan outlines a planning framework that envisions over the next twenty years a transformed Library system at Queen’s, built upon its solid foundation of superb services, collections and spaces.
  • It includes building-specific high level plans for the first five years of this twenty-year framework.
  • The framework recommends realistic, fiscally sound strategies that leverage and intensify the use of existing facilities.

Key Elements of the Plan

  • Substantial increase in the amount and range of learning space in existing libraries.
  • Re-envisioned collections paradigm, including preservation storage, to improve stewardship of research collections.
  • Closure of Kathleen Ryan Hall, as an inadequate building for the Archives.
  • Transformation of Douglas Library, where the Archives will be joined with Special Collections in a research facility that includes new opportunities for partnerships and community engagement as well as expanded study areas.
  • Enhancement of Stauffer Library to significantly expand learning services and study spaces, as well as outreach to the community.
  • Improvements to existing libraries in faculty buildings, with enhanced learning and study space, more robust technology and upgrades to infrastructure where required.
  • Creation of new small clusters of study spaces distributed in various key campus locations, connected virtually as the Library Information Network at Queen’s (LINQ).
  • Creation of Library Square, community gathering space at the academic crossroads of the campus, with Stauffer Library on one corner and Douglas Library on the other corner, at the intersection of Union and University.


  • The Library and Archives Master Plan is a high-level framework that will be operationalized through Queen’s ongoing planning processes.
  • Capital proposals will be advanced when funding for renovations has been identified.


Student Learning Experience

  • Substantially increase the amount of learning space in existing libraries, including numerous group study rooms and dedicated graduate student space, and expand exhibition, gallery and community gathering space.
  • Develop a network of inviting places for study, interactive learning and innovation, distributed in various key locations across campus and linked to information services and resources.
  • Improve accessibility in every library.

 Research Prominence

  • Enhance research opportunities and community engagement with the creation of inviting, technology-enabled, interdisciplinary spaces.
  • Solve the severe preservation and access issues of the Archives and the Jordan Special Collections and Music Library, where researchers rely upon irreplaceable resources such as the private papers of key figures across the disciplines, historic records, unique collections and rare books.
  • Support researchers’ use of the Library and Archives entire collection, through a re-envisioned paradigm of enhanced access, presentation, and preservation, to provide the best stewardship of resources and sound guidelines for converting portions of stack space to other vital uses.

Financial Sustainability

  • Reduce overall Library and Archives space by 10%, primarily by relocating the Archives from Kathleen Ryan Hall.
  • Reinvest strategically in remaining facilities to increase their operational efficacy and life span.
  • Intensify the use of Douglas Library and Stauffer Library, prime sites in the centre of campus.
  • Repurpose existing spaces to accommodate new pedagogy and learning needs.
  • Provide a redevelopment opportunity at Kathleen Ryan Hall, which is adjacent to one of the few potential building sites on campus.


  • Funding for renovations will be sought primarily through fundraising. The Library and Archives Master Plan aligns with the priorities of the Initiative Campaign.

For full details, see Library and Archives Master Plan, September 2013.

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