Library Update – October 23, 2015

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Oct 23, 2015

There’s a new university initiative with a title I love: Thrive! Sponsored by Human Resources, Thrive has been established to increase education and communication on the topic of positive mental health. It is seen not only as a week-long series of events, but as a mindset that can promote learning, change, resiliency and a more positive campus culture.The initiative runs from November 2 – November 6 and you can find event details at Currently, there are more than 60 events scheduled to take place at various times throughout the week.

This week, another kind of helpful initiative came to fruition with the launch of a free, online data management planning tool for all researchers in Canada, the Portage DMP Assistant. The aim of the tool is to assist researchers in putting together data management plans by taking researchers through all the questions that are appropriate for developing a DMP. The tool was developed with input from researchers and the broader stakeholder community. Congratulations to Jeff Moon, Chair of the Portage DMP Expert Group, and others across the country who have collaborated in this endeavour. The tool and further information is available at

This was international Open Access Week, and at Queen’s it featured a lively discussion at an event organized by our Scholarly Communications Working Group, Open Access: What it is, What it Means for You and Why You Should Care. Kudos to the group for putting together an engaging set of speakers and drawing a crowd.

CARL and CRKN met jointly in Ottawa this week. For me it was three days of immersion in some of the critical matters shaping our information landscape, such as copyright considerations under a new government, the Canadian scholarly journal ecosystem, and our advancing research data management network. In CRKN, we’re seeing a much-needed focus on influencing the publishing landscape and creating a more sustainable model, in the work of the Institutional Mobilization Task Group.

At its meeting last week the Library Leadership Team approved the Collections Disaster Recovery manual prepared by the Disaster Recover project group, and discussed a university-wide working group aimed at advancing digital humanities at Queen’s, co-chaired by English Department Head Shelley King and myself. This group will involve a variety of stakeholders, including many in the Library, and its focus will include developing concepts for the proposed Centre for Digital and Print Culture and planning a Matariki Network digital humanities event.

Library Heads met last week as well: see their updates on unit/division activities.

One of our current strategic priorities is to “demonstrate the value of Library services and resources and potential areas for change, working closely with the Office of Institutional Research and Planning and other university units.” As a step in this planning, and as President of CARL, where “measuring impact” is a strategic priority, I attended the Canadian Library Assessment Workshop last week with Heather McMullen and Michael Vandenburg. We will be meeting with the OIRP and then following up with LLT and Heads to develop an assessment plan that aligns with the university’s key performance indicators.

It was a pleasure to meet with several groups this week relating to other aspects of our strategic priorities. The Service Philosophy project group touched base to review members’ plans for each of the project’s deliverables. The LINQ Principles and Planning project group got under way with a lively discussion of elements to be considered in achieving the library look and feel in a variety of spaces. The LAMP Implementation Advisory Committee provided helpful feedback on various aspects of current and planned LAMP projects.

The Provosts’ Advisory Committee on Teaching and Learning discussed the report of the Experiential Learning Working Group at its meeting last week, and it will be available for distribution shortly. For the Library, implementation of the recommendations will provide a helpful framework for supporting further development of the experiential learning opportunities we offer students.

The Senate Library Committee is holding its first meeting of the academic year today. The Chair will be reviewing the agenda topics for the year and providing an update from the LAMP Implementation Advisory Committee, and my update will include an introduction to our Collection Cost Reduction Strategy.

This week is bracketed by events engaging the members of our community who aren’t often with us in person but are woven into the fabric of the university – our emeritus faculty and our alumni. It was a pleasure to co-host an event with the Faculty of Arts and Science for their emeritus faculty on Monday, and on Saturday we will be greeting visitors during Homecoming in Grant Hall and outside Stauffer Library and Douglas Library. Also of note: the Department of English will be holding a Battle of the Books in Stauffer Library at 10:30am on Saturday, and they promise it will be “rowdy and raucous, NOT academically serious!”

Enjoy the Homecoming buzz!

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