Renovations Underway at Stauffer

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Aug 2, 2022

Queen’s University Library (QUL) has recently begun renovations to the ground floor of Joseph S. Stauffer Library. This work will progress over the coming year and include updates to the ground floor of the library itself, as well as the rotunda and logia spaces. Through these updates and improvements QUL aims to elevate patron experience, improve access to services and collections, and create additional study space for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, and community members.

The first stage of these renovations is the removal of the large wood structure immediately inside the library’s entrance, long known to library staff as “The Boat” for its elongated profile resembling a ship’s hull. For several years this structure greeted library patrons as a convenient central access point for searching the library’s collections and using the internet via public computers housed there. In recent years the prevalence of devices such as laptops and smartphones has caused a marked decline in its use. By removing this structure and relocating the public computers within the ground floor QUL hopes to create new possibilities for exhibits and events, while retaining the availability of public computer access within the library.

New cases are also being installed along the ground floor’s east wall to provide prominent, dedicated nooks for displaying newly acquired books and publications from Queen’s authors, as well as materials and resources from Queen’s Student Academic Success Services (SASS). The New Books, and Queen’s Authors nooks will be located on the south end of the atrium, while those dedicated to use by SASS can be found in the north half of the atrium past the main staircase.

In addition, a new 100-inch digital display is in the process of being installed within the atrium facing the library entrance from the second level. This new display will welcome patrons while improving the promotion of events, services, and collections, with added capability to stream and display university sports, important news broadcasts, and other relevant visual content.

These early phase renovations mark the trailhead for a path of comprehensive enhancement and much anticipated upgrades to one of Queen’s University’s signature landmarks. QUL looks forward to sharing more information with patrons and communities about these exciting projects over the course of the coming year. Be sure to check the QUL website and QUL social media for all the latest updates.


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