Stauffer Library Capacity

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Nov 3, 2017

Students interested in coming to Stauffer Library to study have a tool to help them see how busy the university’s largest library is. Through a partnership with the AMS, the library’s homepage prominently displays a gauge showing real-time information about how close Stauffer Library is to its maximum capacity.

The library’s partnership with the AMS stems from a 2012-13 AMS executive election campaign promise to publish real-time information about library occupancy. Following the election the library was pleased to work with the AMS to identify and pilot a people counting solution that tracks the number of people that are in Stauffer Library at any given moment. This information is displayed on the library’s homepage as a percentage, for instance showing the Stauffer Library is at 75% capacity. While the people counting solution isn’t able to show the exact number of currently empty chairs at study tables, booths and carrels, feedback received through the pilot showed that students found the Stauffer Library capacity gauge to be a helpful indicator of how busy the library is, and in 2015 the pilot was continued into an ongoing service.

As part of our commitment to providing services that meet the current needs of students, the library and AMS reviewed the Stauffer Library capacity gauge in fall 2017 and have agreed to extend this service for an additional two years. During that time we will seek additional feedback from students in an effort to further improve our ability to help students to effectively identify study space.

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