Union Gallery: A Skeleton Park Neighbourhood Art Project

Post Date:
Jun 11, 2020

Next Door is a temporary art exhibition in the Skeleton Park neighbourhood featuring original works of art by local artists dispersed throughout the area. Installations may be seen by the public from a safe distance outside of homes, through windows, and in the natural elements as they make their way through the Skeleton Park neighbourhood.

The project is a collaborative effort between the Skeleton Park Arts Festival and the Union Gallery and acts as a response to the current and ever-shifting moment we find ourselves facing in relation to public health. Next Door emphasizes the hyperlocal—celebrating and making public practices of “next-door neighbour” artists. The project addresses recent changes we are all adapting to, including staying at home, spending an increased amount of time wandering around our neighbourhoods, and coping with the lack of communal gatherings.

Please see the Union Gallery site for more information. 

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