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Censuses of Canada, 1665-1871

Censuses of Canada contain 343 tables on the social and economic conditions in Canada from the earliest settlements to 1871.

Censuses of Canada, 1665 to 1871, Statistics Canada, Volume IV (CA1 BSC X1.C05 1871 v.4)

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Names of Provinces in various Census Returns

Called New France or Canada (1608-1765), Province of Quebec (1765), Lower Canada (1791), Canada East (1841), and Province of Quebec (1867).
Nova Scotia
Called Acadia by the French. From 1710-1763 it comprised only the Peninsula. 1763-1770 it included St. John Island (Prince Edward Island); 1763-1784 it included Cape Breton and New Brunswick. In 1819 Cape Breton was reunited with it.
New Brunswick
Part of Acadia
Prince Edward Island
Called St. John Island. In 1763 annexed to Nova Scotia and separated in 1770. The name changed to Prince Edward Island in 1798-1800.
Called Upper Canada (1791), Canada West (1841), and Ontario (1867)
Colony of Assiniboia (1812). Manitoba (1870)
British Columbia
Called New Caledonia. British Columbia (1858)

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