Data Deposit Request

Deposit Agreement

This form serves the dual purpose of defining the agreement between a researcher depositing data and Queen's University Library (QUL) and gathering information about the data being deposited.

By completing this form, the researcher agrees that:

  • QUL will hold the right to disseminate the data for research and teaching with the level of access chosen by the researcher in the form below.
  • Unless otherwise stated in this agreement, the depositor, or depositing agency, will retain ownership of the dataset(s) and related materials and will be able to apply data sharing licenses as appropriate.
  • Contact information for the depositor, or depositing agency, will be retained for administrative and archiving purposes.
Documentation and Publications

Include any documentation and publications related to the dataset. Documentation can include a user guide, codebook, questionnaire, etc. that provides information about how the study was conducted, how data was collected and processed, and any other information that may be of value to potential users. Include publications arising from use of the dataset.

All documents or articles can be emailed to Open Scholarship Services.

List any website(s) that may also be of use ⁄ interest for users of your dataset or that may contain documents or publications related to the dataset.


Arragements to deliver the data should be made through Open Scholarship Services.

If applicable:

    Terms and Conditions

    Once submitted, this agreement constitutes the terms and conditions for depositing and archiving data and related documentation, with Queen's University Library (QUL).