Requesting access to library print material via curbside pickup

Updated May 26, 2020

The library has established a procedure to provide limited access to materials in our print collections via curbside pickup. Our goal is to offer the broadest access to print resources possible, but in order to meet applicable laws and public health guidelines and allow for sufficient testing of our procedures to ensure that we are protecting the health and safety of all involved we are working to fill the most urgent needs for print materials first.

To that end, we are now providing access to print materials required to conduct research meeting the criteria of ‘Priority Timeline 1’ in the university’s return to research plan. These criteria were developed after consultation with several research-intensive faculty members across all fields of research, as well as senior administration in the university, and are being used to guide how access to on-campus research resources is being provided across all fields. 

At this time, principal investigators/faculty supervisors wishing to access print library materials for research are required to complete and submit a Request to Access Library Print Material via Curbside Pickup form following a consultation with one of our subject librarians about their information resource needs. Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students must work with their principal investigator/faculty supervisor to submit a request. 

Review of requests will be completed by the Associate Dean in the faculty of the principal investigator/faculty supervisor, with approved requests sent to the library to retrieve and arrange access to the print materials requested.

Once we have fully tested our procedures and safety protocols and better understand our capacity to fill requests safely, we will be able to expand this service beyond 'Priority Timeline 1' research. We are planning for and looking forward to meeting 'Priority Timeline 2' and 'Priority Timeline 3' requests, and beyond that to resuming broad access to our print collections for members of the Queen's community.

Decisions by Queen’s University on research-related matters continue to be guided by the key principle of protecting the health and safety of our community and the communities in which we undertake research, by the advice of local public health officials, and by the legislation and guidance of both the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada.


  • Principal Investigators/faculty supervisors must prepare and sign the Request to Access Library Print Material via Curbside Pickup form.
  • The form requests confirmation of consultation with Library staff to confirm that print materials are required to meet an information resource need.
  • Completed forms are submitted to the relevant Associate/Vice Dean Research who will review the request taking into consideration Research Priority Timeline and confirm in writing the decision.
  • Approved requests will be forwarded to the Library who will then reach out to the Principal Investigator/Faculty member to arrange curbside pickup details.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to refine and improve this process based on our experience and your input, and work towards increasing access to our print collections.

Research Priority Timelines

As stated above, opening of Queen’s research will be initiated through research priority timelines in order to ensure a systematic and well supported restart. Access to print material will be granted in order from immediate priority to long term priority, in a manner which ensures the safety of researchers, staff and the communities in which the research is undertaken.

Priority Timeline 1: Research requiring immediate on-site activity to minimize negative impacts which would occur by the end of the summer

  • Research related to SARS-CoV–2/COVID–19 that cannot be undertaken remotely;
  • Long running research/field research in which a serious loss of research material, data, or equipment could occur if the work was disrupted, is at a critical stage or close to an end-point;
  • On-going studies that require regular care, conditioning or inspections (e.g., maintenance of cells, animals, breeding colonies, or tissues);
  • Equipment which must be inspected regularly;
  • Research specifically to address reviewer requirements to complete manuscripts in revision;
  • Research required to meet a contract deadline which cannot be renegotiated;
  • Research that, if paused, would negatively impact the ability of a graduate student to complete program requirements within the next three months and requires minimal on-site work/time to complete;
  • Highly unique research circumstances.

Priority Timeline 2: Research requiring on-site activity to minimize negative impacts that would occur by the end of 2020

  • Research that, if paused, would negatively impact the ability of a student to complete program requirements within the next six months;
  • Research that is needed to address critical career and grant applications prior to Dec 30/2020.

Priority Timeline 3: Research where the impacts of being unable to conduct on-site activities start after the end of 2020

  • New and early stage projects and experimental directions;
  • Research that is being/can be undertaken remotely due to the nature of the research.
  • Please review the criteria carefully when determining if your research is critical, time-sensitive and able to be performed in a manner that does not jeopardize the health and safety of the broader community or person performing the work.



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