How does Summon compare to Google Scholar?

Summon and Google Scholar are both search engines that let you quickly search across a massive index of scholarly information.

Summon and Google Scholar search different bodies of scholarly content. There is overlap, but there is content findable in Summon but not Google Scholar, and vice-versa. The two search engines perform relevance ranking in very different ways.

Some features unique to Summon:

  • Results are reflective of the Queen's University Library collection — as a library patron, you have access to mostly everything you can find in Summon.
  • Find print/physical material in the Library collection — Summon contains all our Library Catalogue records and can be used for finding print material and media in the library.
  • Useful search refinements:
    • “Items with full text online”
    • “Limit to articles from scholarly publications, including peer-review”
    • “Items in a specific library location (Stauffer Library, Education Library, etc.)”
  • Saved Items — email, print, cite, export to EndNote/BibTex

Some features unique to Google Scholar:

  • “Cited by” information — e.g. “Cited by 402 publications"
  • Google Books content

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