Previously Funded Open Education Resources



  • Oculoplastic Procedural Manual at your Fingertips - Dr. Vladimir Kratky and Dr. Lisa Jagan (Department of Opthalmology, 2021)
  • CanadARThistories - Dr. Elizabeth Cavaliere and Dr. Jennifer Kennedy (Department of Art History & Art Conservation, 2021)
  • Creating an Open Education Resource for Qualitative Health Research at Queen’s University - Dr. Bradley Stoner and Dr. Colleen Davison (Department of Public Health Sciences, 2021)
  • MUSC 156/3.0 Digital Audio Recording, Editing and Mixing - Dr. Michael Lucaszuk (Dan School of Drama & Music, 2021)
  • Economics and Demography - Dr. Anya Hageman (Department of Economics, 2021)
  • Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education - Dr. Theodore Christou, Sara Karn, Dr. Heather McGregor, Jackson Pind (Faculty of Education, 2020)
  • Infancy - Dr. Valerie Kuhlmeier (Department of Psychology, 2020)
  • Global South Perspectives on Media Arts - Dr. Gabriel Menotti (Department of Film and Media, 2020)
  • An Open Source Textbook for Generalist Music Educators - Dr. Julia Brook (Dan School of Drama & Music, 2019)
  • Computation for Economists - Dr. Christopher Ferrall (Department of Economics, 2019)
  • Geological Field Concepts, Skills, and Outcomes: A Primer - Dr. Robin Harrap (Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, 2019)
  • Program Inquiry and Evaluation: A Practical Introduction for Professionals Who Need to Know and Do Evaluation - Dr. Chi Yan Lam (Faculty of Education, 2019)
  • The QPeds Pediatrics Textbook: An Open Textbook for Undergraduate Medical Students - Dr. Peter MacPherson (Department of Pediatrics, 2018)

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