QSpace Content Guidelines

  1. The work must be produced, submitted or sponsored by the Queen's University academic community.
  2. The work must be related to the academic mission of the Queen's community.
  3. The work must be contributed in digital form.
  4. The author/owner should be willing and able to grant Queen's University the right to preserve and distribute the work via QSpace. The author must have copyright permission for the contents of the work submitted. Where the work to be deposited has been published, approval may be required from the publisher.
  5. If multiple files constitute an "Item" (or submission), all of the digital pieces must be provided as a set. For example, a .pdf document with its associated data file(s).
  6. An "Item" or submission should be a self contained set. Content should be part of the submission, with relative links to it. Links to outside content are discouraged.
  7. The work should be complete and ready for viewing at the time of submission.
  8. If the work is part of a series or set of related works, where possible, the other works in that series should also be contributed so that QSpace can offer as full a set as possible.
  9. For a summary of rights and responsibilities of a QSpace Community and those of Queen's Library see Community & Collection Policies

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