How To VPN

What is the Queen's VPN?

The Queen's VPN is an application that allows your computer to connect to the internet as if your computer were located on the Queen's University network. It allows you to access Queen's University Library resources from any off-campus location. You can still use the Web Proxy (with NetID) to access library resources from off campus, but you will need to login again if you use a new browser window. The VPN can address this issue.

How to Connect to Resources

Once you are connected to the VPN, you will need to connect to your desired resource, through the library search tools. Direct linking to resources (e.g. using bookmarks) will not work. Please use the following search tools to connect:

  • Omni Search
    Omni is the new, easy-to-use academic search tool that gives you access to high-quality resources from 14 Ontario university libraries
  • Journal Search
    Scholarly publications that contain articles written by researchers and experts that report research in a specific discipline or field of study
  • Database Search
    Provides multiple ways to search for research databases, with options to browse and filter your results

Who Can Use the Queen's VPN?

Anyone with a valid Queen's NetID is able to use the VPN service.

How to Install and Set up the VPN

  • You will need to configure your security software or router to allow VPN connections.
  • You will need to have internet access to use the VPN service.


  • In order to use the Queen’s VPN, users must install the FortiClient VPN client
  • Please see the Queen's Virtual Private Network (VPN) page to download the client and for more information

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