Dedication of the Joseph S. Stauffer Library

A room without books is as a body without a soul. -- Cicero

Message from the Principal

William C. Leggett, Principal and Vice-Chancellor

"The true university of these days is a collection of books", wrote Thomas Carlyle in 1841, the year of Queen's founding. A century and a half later we might say, less poetically, that the true university is a collection of information resources. Yet Carlyle's essential point remains valid: a library is a university's lifeblood, vital to its function and growth as both a teaching and a research institution.

ExamBank History

The idea of creating an exam bank began receiving serious consideration at the AMS around 1995. Indeed, ever since the technological frontier shifted, allowing greater scanning and security capabilities at an affordable cost, students have advocated for a digital, web-based exam bank service. The high demand for this type of service is logical considering that the current display system does not guarantee the integrity of the exams or access of them. The exam bank, if developed properly, would satisfactorily address both weaknesses of the current system.

Off-Site Storage Request

We offer an off-site storage retrieval service, where students, faculty and staff can request that material from our Off-site storage facility (Downsview) be sent to Queen’s Library (or article sent via email).



Queen’s University Library is collaborating with the libraries at the University of Toronto, Western University, McMaster University, and the University of Ottawa to preserve low-demand print materials. Extending the University of Toronto’s Downsview facility, the project brings together a purpose-built, high-density storage facility that supports long-term preservation, an existing retrieval and transportation network, and new models of desktop delivery, ensuring that low demand print materials remain readily available for research and study within the province.


The Library and Archives Master Plan (LAMP) envisions the Queen’s Library and Archives of the present and the future. 

LAMP provides a foundational framework that will guide the evolution of the Library and Archives facilities and services over the next twenty years, and includes high-level plans for changes that could be implemented within five years, with sufficient capital investment. The Plan informs ongoing planning and priorities for investments.

Material Collections

Our collection areas include: Canadiana, rare books, history of science, children’s literature, maps, broadsides, posters, newspapers, pamphlets, and sheet music. Highlights from the collection include John Buchan's library, Robertson Davies' library, the Edith and Lorne Pierce Collection of Canadiana, the Riche-Covington radio astronomy collection, and the Schulich-Woolf Rare Book Collection.