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Industrial Relations

Department: School of Policy Studies
Library: Stauffer Library
Faculty Representative: Weili Ding
Liaison Librarian: Constance Adamson

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Collection Policy Outline

General Purpose:

To serve the Master's program, joint Master's/JD, the School of Industrial Relations and research and publishing in the Industrial Relations Centre.


Mostly English and French, but other western European languages may be collected.

Geographical Areas:

The emphsis is on Canada, but the United States, Western Europe, Latin America and other comparator jurisdictions are covered.

Type of Material Collected:

  • Books: monographs; bibliographies; conference proceedings; etc.
  • Serial Publications: series; periodicals; reporter services; working papers
  • government publications : selected reports and periodicals
  • labour union documents
  • pamphlets
  • collective agreements
    Note: any of the above may be in print, microform, or electronic format. Note: normally, duplication of materials within Queen's Library System is avoided.

Fields of Research:

  • collective bargaining/labour-management relations
  • labour disputes
  • trade unions
  • human resources management
  • compensation
  • labour economics
  • labour law

Subjects and Collecting Levels:

(Explanation of Collection Policy Levels)

Areas to be collected at level B:

The level of the industrial relations collection is generally B, partly because of the retrospective collection gathered by the Industrial Relations Centre, partly owing to ongoing collecting for the School and the Centre, and partly because the interests of the School overlap with those of other strong departments on campus offering PhD programmes. The following are general guidelines regarding materials traditionally collected.

  • books and monographs pertaining to the broad field of industrial relations and human resources management, as well as labour economics and labour law. The collection is split between Stauffer Library and the Law Library.
  • major serials in the field of labour relations and human resource management.
  • annual proceedings and research volumes published by national and international associations.
  • research volumes and working papers published by university industrial relations centres, as well as departments and faculties of business management, like those of the University of Toronto, the University of Ottawa, Université de Montréal, Université Laval and several in the United States.
  • reporter services in employment law and human resource management; e.g., from CCH, Canada Law Book, WestlawNext Canada, Lancaster House.
  • selected publications of research organizations like the Conference Board of Canada and the Conference Board (New York), the International Institute for Labour Studies, the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, etc.
  • directories, dictionaries and general reference books covering the broad field of industrial relations.
  • Quantitative methods.
  • documents from provincial, national and international labour organizations, including convention proceedings, constitutions, briefs, submissions to government bodies, newsletters, etc.
  • collective agreements for selective groups of major public and private bargaining units in Canada.

Policy last revised: February 2009

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