PCensus for MapPoint

PCensus provides detailed Canadian and United States Census data to a very detailed level of geography.

Available Data

  • 1981 - 2011 Censuses of Canada at standard levels of census and postal geography
  • (Province, CMA/CA, Census Tracts, FSA's, etc.)
  • 1990 and 2000 United States Censuses to the 'block' level.
  • Consumer Spending Potential Database (2004 and 2007)
  • Canada Business Summary Database (2004 and 2007)
  • PCensus for MapPoint can also be used to extract data by user defined areas (circles, polygons, drive-time areas).
  • Sample Profiles for Canada, Provinces, Territories, and selected CMA/CA's for the 1981 through 2006 Census (in Excel format [.xlsx]).


PCensus for MapPoint is installed on all computers in the Library:

  • Login to the Library Computer you are working at using your NetId.
  • Open the 'Humanities & Social Sciences Research Databases' folder on the desktop.
  • Open 'PCensus Mappoint'

Alternative Sources

  • Tables from Statistics Canada
  • Statistics Canada Publications [CA1 BS..., Documents (Reference)]
  • Historical Statistics of Canada [Print: CA1 BS11 C516 Documents (Reference); Online]
  • Statistics Canada Census
  • Market Research Handbook [Print: CA1 BS63 C224 Documents (Reference); Online]


How to Cite PCensus

Suggested Citation (in this case for data from the 2001 Census):

Statistics Canada. 2001 Census of Canada: Profile Data. Ottawa, Canada. Statistics Canada [producer]; Tetrad Computer Applications, Vancouver, BC [distributor]. Available: Queen's University Social Science Data Centre.

Depending on your needs, you could include more detail in the citation (e.g. level of geography).
In this case you would use the same basic citation, but include:
... 2001 Census of Canada: Profile Data for Kingston at the Census Tract level. Ottawa...


Queen's University Libraries has paid for a campus-wide license for PCensus.
Contact Data Services to obtain the software/data for Queen's, academic, non-profit purposes.

Microsoft MapPoint, which adds convenient and powerful mapping features to PCensus, is available at a reduced rate under a separate license agreement. Contact the Queen's Computing Store for details.

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