The BioCyc database collection is an encyclopedic set of more than 20,005 Pathway/Genome Databases (PGDBs) describing many sequenced genomes. The comprehensive website contains curated data from 130,000 publications and enables researchers around the world share fundamental information about biochemical pathways and genomes. PGDBs describe the entire genome of an organism, as well as its biochemical pathways and (when curated) its regulatory network. BioCyc curators summarize and synthesize information from thousands of publications, facilitating the literature search process and data integration for large-scale computational analyses. BioCyc supports activities in drug discovery, agriculture, and biotechnology by enhancing the understanding of biological systems. New expanded versions are released three times per year.

Users must create a account to access the databases and to store results in a private workspace. Extensive video tutorials on using BioCyc are available on the BioCyc Webinars page.

For any feedback or questions, please contact Wenyan Wu (Public Services Librarian, Engineering and Sciences) or Angélique Roy (Health Sciences Librarian).  

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