Deposit your Thesis to QSpace

Submit your thesis to QSpace

To complete your degree requirements you must submit the final version of your thesis to QSpace using the Submit Your Thesis form. To ensure a successful submission you should review the following instructions.

Submission instructions

The Submit Your Thesis form has six steps.


To complete the submission you must agree to the terms of two licensing agreements:

CC License

You have the option to select a Creative Commons License.


You must provide the required metadata to describe your thesis. Theses submitted to QSpace are Open Access meaning they are accessible to anyone with web access and without restriction once they’ve been approved by the School of Graduate Studies. You may have a need or a requirement to temporarily restrict access to your thesis. To restrict your thesis for up to 5 years enter a reason in the “Restriction Reason” text box. To learn more read Restriction of Thesis.


Prior to uploading your thesis you must:

  • Format it as an accessible pdf. Use the Accessible Documents guide from the University’s Accessibility Hub to learn how to create an accessible PDFs.
  • Use this file naming convention: LastName_FirstName_MiddleInitial_YYYYMM_DegreeAcronym.pdf.

Prior to uploading your supplementary file you must:

  • Ensure it has been approved by your thesis examining committee and supervisors.
  • Use this file naming convention – Supplementary_file-type_ LastName_FirstName_MiddleInitial_YYYYMM_DegreeAcronym.pdf.

Degrees acronyms are PHD, MA, MED, MES, LLM, MSC, MASC, MPL.


Review and make any needed corrections to your metadata and files.


Your submission is now complete and pending approval. Once approved, you can track its impact by searching for your work in QSpace and selecting 'View Statistics'.


If you have questions about the submission process please contact an Open Scholarship Services specialist at

If you have questions about meeting your degree requirement go to Completing Your Degree or contact Rose Silva, Thesis Coordinator, School of Graduate Studiesm at

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