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AACR2 : Descriptive Cataloguing for Monographs

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The purpose of this file is to be a very brief summary of key points from AACR2. I am covering monographs only at this time.

Refer also to the memo: Standards, levels of cataloguing and AACR2 : Access Points. If required refer to the memo: Old rules: Pre-AACR2 cataloguing.

A lot of judgement is required; the rules do not cover all cases. I am supplying rule numbers for further consultation if necessary.

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Description — Chapters 1 and 2

Examples are being given for monographs only. Description, in this file, is in full.

Chief source of information — title page or substitute for it.


500 |a Cover title.

This example shows that the cover is the chief source of information. Usually you prefer the information found on the chief source of information. AACR2 specifies that if the information is not found in the chief source, put in square brackets.

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Tag 245 — Title of the Work

"Transcribe the title proper exactly as to wording, order, and spelling, but not necessarily as to punctuation and capitalization."—1.1B1.

"If the title proper is not taken from the chief source of information, give the source of the title in a note."— 1.1B1.

For example:

500 |a Cover title.

Parallel titles

Parallel titles are titles in other languages

"Transcribe parallel titles in the order indicated by their sequence on, or by the layout of, the chief source of information."—1.1D1.

For example:

245 10 |a Wood Cree = |b Les Cris des forêts

Other title

In the following example, "The man who made his name" is the other title—1.1E1

245 10 |a Edgar Wallace : |b the man who made his name

"If the other title information is lengthy, either give it in a note (see 1.7B5) or abridge it."—1.1E3

Statement of Responsibility — 1.1F

245 10 |a Title / |c Statement of responsibility.

"Transcribe statements of responsibility appearing prominently in the item in the form in which they appear there."—1.1F1.


/ |c edited by John Smith ; illustrated by John Jones.

/ |c by J. Adams.

/ |c Peter Jameson.

/ |c Sam Awk and Hans Stenholm.

/ |c edited by George King, Ann Arsenault.

/ |c edited by George Wilson and Adam Snow.

/ |c par Pierre Bruneau.

/ |c [edited by] John Dickenson.

(Title page showed John Dickenson only, but he is only an editor. Square brackets because we added the information.)

/ |c by J. Williamson ... [et al.].

(used when there are more than 3 authors)

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Tag 250 — Edition Statement

"Transcribe the edition statement as found on the item. Use abbreviations as instructed in appendix B and numerals as instructed in appendix C."—1.2B1.


250 |a 2nd ed.

250 |a 4. ed.

(foreign edition statement done this way)

250 |a 2nd ed., partly rev.

250 |a 6. Aufl.

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Tag 260 — Imprint : Publication, distribution

The Imprint statement includes Place, Publisher, and Date

Abbreviate Department to Dept.


260 |a London : |b Macmillan, |c 1980.

260 |a Berlin ; |a New York : |b Springer-Verlag, |c [1990?].

(Date supplied by library so used square brackets)

260 |a London [Ont.] : |b University of Western Ontario, |c 1990.

260 |a [Vancouver] : |b University of British Columbia, |c 1992.

260 |a [S.l.] : |b Xavier University Press, |c 1983.

260 |a [S.l. : |b s.n., |c 19--?]

260 |a Toronto : |b Ontario Press for the University of Toronto, |c c1990.

260 |a London : |b Macmillan, 1994 [i.e. 1993].

260 |a London : |b Hyde Park Press ; |a Chicago : |b Rand-McNally, |c 1977, c1975.

Dates — Probable dates — 1.4F

Closed dates — > |c 1968-1973.
Open date — > |c 1968-
Copyright — > |c 1985, c1980.

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Tag 300 — Physical Description

"Take information for this area from any source."—1.5A2

Extent of item:

2 v.

360 p.

3 v. (iv, 1068 p.)

77 leaves

xi, 123 p.

[30] p.

(leaves were unnumbered but were counted)

500 p. in various pagings

251 leaves in various foliations

221, [30] p.

50, 231, [10] p.

150 p., 30 p. of plates

1 v. unpaged

(You have decided not to take time to estimate the number of pages)



ill. (some col.)

ill., maps


maps, ports

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Use Tags 440 or 490/830 combination.

For examples see Cataloguing Unit Authorities Manual and AACR2 Rule 1.6

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These are some common examples. More can be found in AACR2. One can also construct almost any note in plain English. Notes are also used to justify added entries.

500 |a At head of title: American Society of Civil Engineers.

500 |a Cover title.

500 |a Cover title: Chemistry in the 19th century.

500 |a "A Wiley interscience publication."

(source not noted because on title page)

500 |a "Prepared by the Society for Automotive Engineers"--Pref.

(note source when note not from title page)

500 |a Includes index.

500 |a Sponsored by the National Library of Medicine.

502 |a Thesis (M.A.)--University of Chicago, 1980.

502 |a Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Toronto, 1990.

504 |a Includes bibliographical references.

504 |a Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

504 |a Includes bibliographical references (p. 99-105).

504 |a Includes bibliographical references (p. 125-140) and index.

590 |a Gift of James Bolton.[Gift2004]

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