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Queen's has now changed it's policy with regard to the placement of barcodes on items. In order to reduce the amount of physical handling of material when wanding barcodes, they will now be placed on the outside font cover of the book. This placement is also acceptable if we should introduce patron self-check here at Queen's.

Previously, barcodes were placed on the inside of the back cover in the upper right hand corner.

When this policy was first introduced, the barcode was to be placed on the left side of the book. Once it was implemented, it was discovered that placing it there interfered with the spine labels, in cases where the label had to be placed on the cover of the book. At that point, placement was switched to the right side of the cover.

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Barcode Placement

The preferred placement for the barcode is:

3M provided some templates which can be used to assist people in getting used to the new barcode placement.

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