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Cataloguing a "Bound With" or "With" in Voyager

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Definitions and Notes

This section deals with two or more separate items that have physically been bound together.

Bound With
A "Bound with" is a single physical volume in which more than one title has been bound together by an owner (i.e. the titles were not published together, and other copies are likely to be found separately or in different combiantions).
A "With" is a single volume in which the publisher has bound more than one title but has not provided a common title page (i.e. other copies will be the same).

In both instances, the same rule applies except for the note. A "Bound with" note should be coded 590 and begin with the text: "Bound with". A "With" situation should use a 501 note and begin with the text: "With".

Examples of Notes:

501: : |a With: The reformed school / John Drury. London : Printed for R. Wednothe, [1650]

501: : |a With: Out of the depths / Mary Ryan. [New York? : s.n., 1945?] — Label your luggage / Robert Nash. [New York? : s.n., 1945?]

501: : |a With: Of the sister arts / H. Jacob. New York : [s.n.}, 1970.

590: : |a Bound with: Mémorial de la session de 1815 / T.R.G. Sallis. [S.l. : s.n.], 1816.

590: : |a Bound with his: Au président : étrennes politiques. Paris : Dentu, 1849. -- De l'hérédité du pouvoir. Paris : Dentu, 1849.

Note: If there are many titles in the volume, it may be useful to number them in the notes to make it easier to find a particular title.

590: : |a Bound with: [2] The torpedo : a poem... London : Fielding and Walker, 1777. [3] Liberty and patriotism.. London : Fielding and Walker, 1778. .... [15] The old serpent's reply to the electrical eel. London : M. Smith, 1777.

590: : |a Bound [2nd] with: The world as it goes : a poem. London : Printed for J. Bew, 1779.

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Each of the titles in a "With" or "Bound with" volume has its own Bibliographic record with appropriate notes, as described above. However, the volume can have only one call number and one item record. All the titles have to circulate together.

Voyager deals with this situation by linking all the Bibliographic records to a single Holdings and Item record, so that all the records in the OPAC will show the volume's call number and circulation status.

For monographs bound together, follow the procedures given below:

  1. Each separate title should be catalogued on a separate Bibliographic record.

  2. For the first title in the volume, create or update:

  3. Add the note (see the examples above). Use a 590 note for a "Bound with", or a 501 note for a "With". On the first record, this note should list all other titles/authors, imprints, dates, etc.

  4. For each remaining title, create only a Bibliographic record, with a note giving the information for the first title. Write down the record numbers.

  5. When all Bibliographic records have been added:

    This will create the appearance of holdings records in the OPAC for all the titles linked to the item on the first record, although no additional holdings records were actually created.

    Per le solenni (bibliographic record # 1633581)
    Wohl anführende Mahler (bibliographic record # 1638450)

Note: The Cataloguer's Toolkit can be used to assist in creating and adding "with" notes. See the section: *   Cataloger's Toolkit : Creating 501 Fields ("With" Notes).

When you have linked all the Bibliographic records to the Item record, the Holdings record will have a series of 014 fields added with the numbers of the Bibliographic records, in the order in which they were added. Also, the Hierarchy will have a list under the Item record of all the linked titles, in alphabetical order by title. The list in the Hierarchy is a handy way of moving from one Bibliographic record to another.

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Records Created in Previous Systems

"Bound with" or "With" records created in GEAC or NOTIS were done in a different way. It was not possible to link multiple records to a single item record. Instead, a normal holdings and item record were created for the first item, and a holdings record without an item record was created for each additional bibliographic record, and the call number added, followed by a public note such as: For circulation status see title: [First title in the volume].

(Exception: Some "With" or "Bound with" volumes in the Law Library were catalogued by another process which did permit linking to a single item).

If it is necessary to convert records of this type created in an earlier system to the Voyager format (as when completing the cataloguing of a volume started in the earlier system):

This will create the appearance of Holdings records in the OPAC for all the titles linked to the item on the first record, although no additional holdings records were created.

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Serials and Sets Bound Together

Warning: Sometimes one volume of a serial or set is bound with something else (e.g. the last issues of one serial title are bound with the first issues of the continuing title). In this case, do not follow the "bound with" instructions — the holdings will appear most confusingly in the OPAC. Instead, create a holdings record for each title, with the same 852 information, and add a note to the 866 field of each record in a |z subfield, explaining the situation. Use brackets as needed to make the case clear in the OPAC.

866 41 |8 0 |a 1982-1983 |z (bound with v. 13-17 + Index of Wake newslitter)

868 41 |8 0 |a 1962-1971 ; Subject index, 1962-1980 |z [bound with Wake newslitter .Occasional paper]

866 41 |8 0 |z [Note: Last issue bound with first 3 issues of later title]

868 41 |8 0 |z [Note: First 3 issues bound with last issue of previous title]

If the complete runs of two or more serials are included in the same item, however, as sometimes happens in microfilms, it may be preferable to do a normal "bound with" (or "filmed with"), with one Holdings and one Item record for two or more Bibliographic records, and represent the various holdings by adding multiple 866 fields in the Holdings record, each with a |z note indicating the relevant title. For an example, see under title Bulletin et journal des journaux.

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Undoing "With" or "Bound With" Status

If the "with" or "bound with" instructions are applied in error (usually with a serial volume), you can correct the situation and "unlink" the two Bibliographic records by following these steps:

  1. delete the Item record for the volume that was considered "bound with"
  2. create a new Holdings record on each of the Bibliographic records
  3. relink all the remaining volumes attached to the "bound with" Holdings record, to the new Holdings on the same Bibliographic record
  4. delete the "bound with" Holdings record
  5. create a new Item record for the volume that was formerly considered "bound with", linked to whichever of the new Holdings is appropriate
Check the Hierarchy display to see whether the "bound with" status is gone.

If the problem somehow arose with two or more monographs, the same procedure omitting the relinking step would separate the records. More likely, it might be decided later that the parts of the volume should not be on separate records after all. In this case, tile the Bibliographic records and transfer all necessary information from the "second" or later to the "first". Delete the Item and Holdings records and the unneeded Bibliographic record. Create new Holdings and Item records.

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