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Cataloguing Manual:
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The Cataloguing Manual includes online information regarding the function, personnel, policy and procedures of the Central Library Technical Services Cataloguing Unit at Queen's University at Kingston. The policies and procedures of the other Cataloguing Units may differ somewhat from those described here.

Check out the Central Technical Services site as well.

See also the Authorities Manual for information regarding the use of Authorities here at Queen's University, and the Monograph Orders Manual.

A listing of new additions and changes to the online manual can be located by clicking on the New button.


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right arrow   General Guidelines

right arrow   Precataloguing/Copy Search

right arrow   Descriptive Cataloguing

right arrow   Access Points

right arrow   Subject Analysis

right arrow   MARC Record Contents

right arrow   Voyager System

right arrow   Processing

right arrow   File Maintenance

right arrow   Location-specific Guidelines

right arrow   Special Formats

right arrow   Index (Out of Date)

right arrow   Index (New; Under construction)


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Voyager Related Documentation

right arrow   Voyager Training

right arrow   Cataloguing Policy Decisions relating to Voyager

right arrow   Voyager Cataloguing Tips and Tricks

right arrow   Cataloguing Projects Archive


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