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Approval Plans

Approval and Blanket Order Plans

The Library acquires many scholarly monographs in the Humanities and Social Sciences on blanket order or approval plans. (Blanket order titles are received shelf ready and cannot be returned to the supplier. Books received on approval may be returned if need be.)

Each plan is based on carefully defined subject profiles which are reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis to ensure that changes in curricula or research emphasis are always reflected. Information about titles of possible interest which falls outside the parameters of the plans is sent to liaison librarians as electronic selection slips.

The plans cover the output of all reputable academic/scholarly publishers and university presses. Paper editions are preferred over cloth. We are in the process of expanding our approval plans to cover more disciplines.

At present the following major plans are in place:

Books are received for the following disciplines:

  • aboriginal studies (focus on Ontario, eastern Canada, northeastern United States)
  • American literature (but not contemporary authors except for renowned figures)
  • business
  • classics
  • criminology
  • development studies (especially Latin America and Africa south of the Sahara)
  • drama (including technical aspects like costume and set design, lighting, etc.)
  • economics (no working papers)
  • English and Commonwealth literature (important editions and criticisms)
  • environmental studies (geographic, economic, social and policy aspects)
  • geography (including GIS, remote sensing and cartography but not atlases)
  • history (U.K., Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, 20th century China, Korea, Japan)
  • industrial relations
  • international relations
  • Jewish studies
  • leisure studies
  • linguistics
  • philosophy (other than political philosophy)
  • physical and health education
  • policy studies
  • political studies
  • psychology
  • public administration
  • religion (church history, comparative religion, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Judaism, Islam; not doctrine, liturgy and ritual, religious art and music)
  • social sciences
  • sociology (especially feminist sociology, information and communication technologies, socio-legal studies, sociological theory and research methods; not social work)
  • urban and regional planning
  • women's studies

Selection slips are provided for the following subject areas:

  • aboriginal studies (areas outside eastern Canada and the northeastern United States)
  • American literature (contemporary authors except for noted authors where books will be provided)
  • anthropology
  • art conservation
  • art history
  • bibliography and library science
  • children's books
  • criticism of French, German, Spanish and Italian literature
  • dance
  • development studies (south and southeast Asia)
  • education
  • English and Commonwealth literature (contemporary works except for noted authors, where books will be provided)
  • expensive books (over $175US /$175CAN)
  • history outside those areas for which books are supplied
  • journalism
  • language
  • Latin American (not Chicano) literature
  • mass media and communications (communication and culture)
  • multi-volume sets
  • museology
  • music (emphasis on classical)
  • political cartoons, humour
  • prizewinning literature not otherwise covered
  • reference books, including atlases
  • religion (outside categories above)
  • Scottish and Anglo-Irish literature
  • theology
  • titles about which there are doubts
  • tourism (e.g. policy studies)

The following categories of material are excluded from our plans:

  • books previously published in Canada
  • government publications
  • military history
  • oriental literature
  • periodical issues
  • popular books (how to; cookbooks; humour; travel guides; personal investment; popular biography; mystery fiction; science/speculative fiction; self-help)
  • reprints
  • translations from English into other languages
  • textbooks

Plans for other disciplines:
At present we receive paper selection slips for German-, French-, Spanish-, and Italian-language titles from Brockaus German Books, Aux Amateurs de Livres, and IberBooks, respectively. In the coming year we plan to institute modest approval plans and dispense with the paper selection slips in favour of their electronic versions.

Last Updated: 26 March 2012

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