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Procedures for Ordering New Library Material

Requests for New Books

Requests for new books for the Stauffer Library, the Douglas Library, and the W.D. Jordan Music and Special Collections Library may be forwarded directly to Collection Development (library.collections@queensu.ca). You may also send them to your liaison librarian (https://library.queensu.ca/webcoll/contactsB.htm), or your departmental library representative (https://library.queensu.ca/research/collections/reps).

Requests may be sent by email or in paper format. You may send annotated catalogues and publishers' blurbs. An online request form is available at https://library.queensu.ca/librequest/acq_index.php.

If books are needed urgently, mark your requests "RUSH." Please use this service judiciously.

Requests for new books for the Education and Law Libraries should be forwarded to the contacts listed here:

Information on New Books

Information about newly published titles of possible interest may be forwarded to you, from time to time, electronically or in paper, by your liaison librarian or through your Library Representative.

Course Reserves

If books are to be placed on reserve in Stauffer Library, requests should be sent directly to   Stauffer Library Reserve Services. If books are to be placed on reserve in the Engineering & Science Library, requests should be sent to the Engineering & Science Library Circulation/Reserve Co-ordinator. Library staff will determine which titles from your list can be pulled from the stacks. Where books have to be ordered, they will ensure rush requests are sent to Acquisitions. They will also check to see whether copies are available at the Campus Bookstore to speed up the ordering process. Since it normally takes up to eight weeks to obtain books ordered from North American sources and up to twelve weeks to obtain books from overseas, it is important that reserve lists be submitted early.

Requests for New Serials and Electronic Resources

Requests for new serials and new electronic resources may be forwarded in the same fashion as requests for new books. Where possible we will arrange trial access to new electronic products in order to assess their value. Because of budget constraints we will review all received requests on an annual basis and order those which fill a particular need and which fall within our budget allocation.

Our practice for journals is to acquire electronic-only subscriptions where this option is available.

Last Updated: 26 January 2016

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