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Single Map


City of Kingston Planning Department. New "City of Kingston" 1998 [map]. 1:40,000. Kingston, Ontario: City of Kingston, 1997.

Map in a Topographic Series


Natural Resources Canada. Centre for Topographic Information. Wolfe Island, Canada, United States of America. [map]. Edition 9. 1:50,000. Canada 1:50,000, 31 C/1. Ottawa, Ontario: Natural Resources Canada, 1999.

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Information Branch. [map] 1:10,000. Ontario Base Map, sheet 10 18 3800 48950. Toronto, Ontario: Ministry of Natural Resources, 1999.

Map in a Series (not Topographic)


Environment Canada. Land Branch, Inland Waters/Land Directorate. Hoare Bay, District of Franklin, Northwest Territories. [map]. Edition 1. 1:250,000. Land Use Information Series. 16E & D. Ottawa, Ontario: Environment Canada, 1987.

Map in a Book


Vast, H. and G. Malleterre. Atlas historique, Formation des états européens. [map]. No scale given. In: Black, Jeremy. Maps and History: Constructing Images of the Past. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1997, p.87.

Township of Kingston. Planning Department. Township of Kingston Schedule 'A' Land Use and Roads Plan. [map]. 1:50,000. In: M.M. Dillon Limited. Collins Watershed Study Background Report, Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority. Toronto, Ontario: M.M. Dillon Limited, 1992, Figure 8.1.

Map in an Atlas


Canada. Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Surveys and Mapping Branch. Relief [map]. 1:2,000,000. In: Canada. Surveys and Mapping Branch. The National Atlas of Canada. 4th edition. Toronto, Ontario: McMillian Company of Canada, 1974, pp. 1-2

Facsimile or Reproduction

Gibbs, Thomas Fraser. Plan of the City and Liberties of Kingston Delineating severally the wards, and Lots, with the Streets, Wharves and Principal Buildings. [facsimile]. 6 chains to one inch. Toronto, Ontario: Hugh Scobie, Lith., 1850. As reproduced by: Ottawa, National Map Collection (NMC 21043).

Aerial Photography


Aquarius Flight, Inc. [North of Kingston - Collins Creek at Gibson Hill] AF65190 L1. Photo 01. [aerial photograph] 1:6250. Kingston 1:6250. Toronto, Ontario: J.D. Barnes, Ltd., November 1990.

National Air Photo Library. A17179, photo 54-58 [aerial photographs]. 1:30,000. Ottawa, Ontario: Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, 1960.

------. 78-4418 25, photo 384. [aerial photograph]. 1:10,000. Toronto, Ontario: Ministry of Natural Resources, 1978.



ESRI Ltd. ArcCanada [CD-ROM]. Version 2.0. North York, Ontario: Environmental Systems Research Institute, 1999.

Data downloaded from a FTP site


Canada Land Use Monitoring Program. [computer file]. 1966-1986. Ottawa, Ontario. Canada Centre for Remote Sensing. Available FTP: [Accessed on June 4, 2003].

RADARSAT Ortho-rectified Mosaic of Canada, Lambert Conformal Conic, 500 meters. [computer file]. (1998-2000). Ottawa, Ontario. Natural Resources Canada. Available FTP: [Accessed on March 8, 2004].

Map produced using GIS software


Little Cataraqui Creek. [computer map]. 1:5000. National Topographic Database 1:50,000 31C/7. Sherbrooke, Quebec: Natural Resources Canada. Using ArcMap [GIS software]. Version 9.1. Redlands, CA: Environmental Systems Research Institute, 1992-2005.


Statistics Canada. 2004. Ottawa–Hull Urban Area, Highest Level of Education, University Degree (map). Using 2001 Census, Ottawa–Hull CMA Census Tract (cartographic boundary file, gct_505b02a_e.exe) and E-STAT, 2001 Census (data file). Using ArcGIS, Version 9.0 (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc., Redlands, Calif.). Ottawa: University of Ottawa Geographic Information and Data Centre. Scale: 2 cm = 1 km, approximately.
Note:Use the appropriate essential elements for the type of data file(s) (census table, CANSIM table, etc.) used to create GIS maps when citing these files.

Statistics Canada Cartographic Boundary File


Statistics Canada. 2002. Dissemination Areas, Montréal CMA, 2001 Census (cartographic boundary file, gda_462b02a_e.exe). Arc Info Edition. System requirements: Arc Info Interchange for Windows.
Note: Give the URL of the digital map file website available at your institution and the date of access, or use the following note: "These data are available at no additional charge to Canadian educational institutions participating in the Data Liberation Initiative."

Last revised: 15 November 2007