LibQual+™ Canada 2013: invitation to participate

In 2010, 47 Canadian universities and community colleges participated in a landmark survey as members of the LibQUAL+ Canada Consortium. This project, sponsored by the  CARL Committee on Effectiveness Measures and Statistics, was the first library service quality survey in Canada conducted on a national scale.


We are offering the consortial survey again in January 2013, thanks to CARL's continued sponsorship.


We extend this invitation to all CARL and non-CARL institutions who wish to participate. If your institution is interested in being part of this initiative, please advise Katherine McColgan at CARL. 

Partipants can choose theLibQUAL+™ Lite survey alone or in combination with the full LibQUAL+™ survey. For more information, go to: LibQUAL+ or LibQUAL+ Lite.

In your response, please provide the name and contact information for the individual at your institution who will coordinate this project.  The standard registration fee for this survey is $3,200.00 ( US ) per institution

What is ?

It is a survey developed by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). Its purpose is to provide libraries with a standardized, effective method to measure the quality of library services based on the perceptions of faculty, students and staff.   More than 1,000 educational and research institution in over 17 countries have participated in the survey. 

Benefits of a Canadian Consortial LibQUAL Survey?   Sharing support & data in a Canadian context:

  • The ability to benchmark your results with a group of peer institutions. For previous participants, the opportunity to compare your results against both your own previous results and against those of the consortium.

  • Consortial web site, shared marketing information and data analysis expertise, information exchange (listserv), etc.

  • Analysis of group results and a group report for consortium participants, including aggregations by library types - ARL does not normally provide aggregate scores for participating Canadian institutions.

  • The ability to add additional questions to the survey as a unified group including customize consortial questions.

  • The opportunity for locally hosted workshops.

Surveys of Past Consortium Participants

Why not just develop our own survey?

LibQual+(TM )  has proven to be both useful and reasonably accurate in reflecting user perceptions of library service since it began.  The survey instrument has been refined and validated over the years with input from participants, focus groups and other analyses.