How to Register for the 2013 LibQUAL+ Survey

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Registration for the LibQUAL+™ survey takes place online, through the project web site. All participants, both individual participants and those participating in a consortium, must register for the survey on the project web site. Joining the LibQUAL+™ Canada consortium does not automatically register an institution for the survey. (Information below is extracted from the ARL LibQUAL+™ Policies and Procedures Manual.

When to Register:  Registration for members of the consortium will open on Sept. 8. 

To sign up for the survey, each participants must complete the registration form at

  • Step 1.
    • Option 1. Your institution has previously participated in the survey and you were one of the contact people (you already have a username and password for this site).  Populates the registration form with the institution information and personal contact information
    • Option 2. Your institution has previously participated in the survey but you are new to the survey site.  Populates the registration form with the institution information and personal contact information. 
    • Option 3. Your institution is new to LibQUAL+™
  • Step 2.
    • Institutional Information:
    • Organization: Enter your library's name if you are new to LibQUAL+™
    • Consortium: select LibQUAL+ Canada [IMPORTANT]
    • Demographic Type: select from College and University, Community College.  Making the appropriate selection is important because survey demographic questions vary depending on the Library Type. 
    • Languages: select English American and/or Canadian French.
    • Contact Information:
    • Payment Method: select to pay immediately by credit card or to be invoiced.  Participants who choose to be invoiced will receive an e-mail invoice immediately following registration; this invoice is the only one they will receive. Payment is due within 30 days. Survey results will not be released until your institution has paid in full. 

      NOTE: Payment via the consortium would have been very complex for the consortium to manage.  So, LibQUAL+™ Canada is not offering this payment option.

      Refund Policy:  Once you have registered online, you have authorized ARL to charge your library the full participation fee for the survey. No refunds will be issued, and participation fees cannot be rolled over to future surveys.

  • Step 3. Review and, if necessary, make any corrections to the information provided in Step 2. 

  • Step 4. After completing registration, you will receive two e-mails: (1) a confirmation of your registration, and (2) your invoice for the participation fee (if not paying by credit card).

    LibQUAL-L List:  Contacts listed on the survey registration form will automatically be subscribed to the LibQUAL-L e-mail list, which is a closed forum for participants only. As you add other liaisons to your institution’s survey, they will automatically be added to the list as well.

NOTE: You do not have to decide whether to choose the full or the Lite form of the survey until January when you must complete the Customize Your Survey Questionnaire.

Registration Fees ($3,200 US  for 2013):

This fee includes group training events typically held in January and June, access to and use of the online management interface, results notebooks, and access to the qualitative and quantitative survey data.

  • Bilingual Surveys:  Participating institutions may offer their survey in more than one language with prior approval and assistance from the LibQUAL+™ team. Such participants will only be required to pay one survey fee if they are willing to receive one aggregate results notebook containing data from both language implementations of the survey. If the institution wants separate results notebooks and data files from their surveys, then two survey fees will be required (see One Library-Multiple Surveys).

  • One Library-Multiple Surveys:  If individual libraries within an institution wish to distinguish their findings by requesting separate handling and deliverables for different libraries, then a separate fee and registration will be required for each distinct library that participates. Each library registration constitutes a separate unit of analysis. For example, if an institution wants to have separate survey implementations and separate results notebooks for their business library and their main library, a separate fee will be charged for each library. Institutions handling bilingual requirements as separate surveys should contact the LibQUAL+™ staff before registering by sending an e-mail to

  • Additional analysis beyond that provided in the results notebooks is also possible. Separate fees can be negotiated by the consortium or the individual library for such analysis, depending on the complexity of the request.

Managing Your Survey

When you have registered and have received your password, you will be able to enter the LibQUAL+ Management Centre:   Here you will be able to edit your institution's information, add and change contact information, complete the required forms, retrieve your results, access supporting resources and retrieve contact information about registered libraries, e.g., select "LibQUAL Canada" from the Consortium box to view all the consortium members registered to date.

  • To register additional contacts/liaisons, click on Manage Users . One of the contacts can be your library director. You can have up to three "Primary Contacts" and up to three "Assistant Contacts".

    • Primary Contacts: Directors and Liaisons are the primary LibQUAL+(TM) contacts and have the most privileges in the management area. One Director or Liaison must always be indicated as the "Primary Contact." This person will be the first point of contact for all LibQUAL matters. The red bar in the table above indicates the current Primary Contact. To change the Primary Contact, click the appropriate radio button, then click the "Update Primary Contact" button. The primary contacts are able to supply and edit any of the information on the online LibQUAL+ forms.

    • Assistants: Assistants are those individuals who require limited access to the management area for LibQUAL+(TM) -- for printing results or viewing resources -- but are not to be contacted about LibQUAL(TM) matters nor are they allowed to make edits to any online forms. I suggest adding members of your LibQUAL project team (if you have one) as assistants.