Timeline & Action Plan
Update consortial resource web page hosted at Queen’s. Solicit and post:
  • Links to individual institution LibQUAL+® sites

  • Marketing information, e.g. posters, bookmarks, sample press releases or announcements

  • Research ethics board clearance, e.g. successful examples of submissions for university ethics board approval

  • Population sampling advice, e.g. sample size and composition

  • Communication with sample population, incl. suggested frequency and bank of survey announcements, invitations to participate and follow-up messages

  • "Words of advice" from experienced members and from research, e.g. better to offer a few big prizes, rather than many small ones

  • Data analysis expertise

Coordinator + liaisons March 2012- Jan. 2013
Identify CARL participants, send call for participants to ACCC and regional groups K. McColgan March - August 2012
Identify institutional liaisons & add them to the Canadian LibQUAL+® discussion list Coordinator March - August 2012
Compile final list of participants
August 2012
**Send update to library directors K. McColgan + Coordinator August 2012
Registration online for 2013 LibQUAL+® survey Milestone
Sep. 2012
Register online for 2013 LibQUAL+® survey [required]. Contact liaisons register their institutions. Univ. Librarian & survey contact are automatically subscribed to ARL LibQUAL+® email list (closed forum for participants) Liaisons Sep. -Dec 2012
Develop communication strategies to announce & publicize the survey to the University Communities & Library staff Coordinator + liaisons Sep.-Dec. 2012
**Send update to library directors K. McColgan + Coordinator October 2012
Each institution collects and compiles the necessary data to complete the online Preferences and Customisation forms, incl.
  • survey title

  • survey start and end dates

  • Lite-view percentage: the percentage of patrons who should receive the shortened "lite" survey (0 to 100%)

  • reporting language: select a language for use in your notebook and other reports

  • institution's logo

  • support e-mail address: address for participants' questions and comments

  • incentives: whether or not library is offering an incentive prize (ARL will provide random email addresses for the prize(s) to be awarded)

  • five optional questions to add to the local/consortial survey

  • list of campus libraries if you want your respondents to answer the question "which library you use most often”

  • the disciplines to be listed in the demographics section of the survey

Coordinator + liaisons Nov. 2012 - Jan. 2013
If needed, obtain approval or waver from Research Ethics Boards for research involving human subjects – complete & submit form Liaisons Nov. 2012
Institutions identify appropriate sample populations, data sources to provide valid email addresses for samples (e.g. library patron file) Coordinator + Liaisons Nov. 2012
Identify 5 custom consortial “supplementary questions” for inclusion by ARL in the survey Coordinator + liaisons Nov.-Dec. 2012
Institutions determine methods for extracting their sample data, i.e. the email addresses for sample population Liaisons + local IT staff Dec. 2012
Institutions set up email accounts for survey participants to send questions & comments about the survey to the local liaison (team) Liaisons Dec. 2012
Stage 1) Configure Your Survey & Preview available online at LibQUAL+® Survey Management Centre.  Must be completed before you can launch your survey Milestone Jan. 2013
Stage 1) Configure Your Survey & Preview:
Survey title, survey start and end dates, Lite  percentage, reporting language, institution logo, support e-mail address, incentives option, optional questions, branch library options, discipline options
Liaisons Jan. 2013
  • Personalized email message from Director/University Librarian inviting LibQUAL+® participants to fill out survey
  • Follow-up messages to participants
[There are sample messages on consortial web site and in LibQUAL+® Manual]
Liaisons + local teams Jan. 2013
LibQUAL+® 2013 Preview Survey available for participants to pre-test in their libraries. Must complete preview & approve survey before the survey can be launched and the Representativeness Questionnaire becomes available. Milestone Jan. 2013

Preview survey as it will appear to the library’s participants to make sure it looks correct before it goes live & sign off on survey contents

NOTE: Cannot see Lite Survey at Preview Stage.  Preview of Lite Survey is available after approved final version of the survey is ready for your users

Liaisons Jan 2013
Approve final version of individual library’s survey Liaisons Jan. 2013
Representativeness Questionnaire available online.  Must be completed before you close your survey Milestone Before you close your survey
Complete online Representativeness Questionnaire:
total no. of individuals by user group (e.g. faculty, etc.), total no. of individuals within each discipline (e.g. social sciences), total population no. by gender, library statistics (total vols. added/year, total current serials received, total library expenditures (US dollars), total library professional staff (FTE), total library support staff (FTE)
Liaisons Jan. 2013-
ARL’s LibQUAL+® TRAINING EVENTS, January 2013 in Seattle, WA in conjunction with the ALA Midwinter Meeting. The training is broken into three parts: Survey Introduction(required for first-time administrators), Survey Administration, and Survey Results. Liaisons Jan. 2013
Draw final email samples Liaisons + IT staff Feb 2013
Make necessary adjustments to sample groups (i.e. adding more participants) Liaisons + IT staff Feb 2013
Each individual LibQUAL+® 2013 survey open to the public Milestone Chosen date 2013
Send email inviting participants to fill out survey Liaisons Chosen date 2013
**Send update to library directors K. McColgan + Coordinator Feb. 2013
Send reminder email messages after the initial invitation to take the survey (quantity is up to institution, at least two).  Send at two-week intervals. Liaisons ? 2013
Stage 2) Monitor Survey Progress. Track the real-time progress of the LibQUAL+® survey at the library.  Collect comments & answer questions from participants during the survey [timeliness in answering survey questions is important to success of survey] Coordinator + liaisons ? 2013
Each individual LibQUAL+® 2013 Session 1 survey closed to the public Milestone ? 2013
ARL closes survey to all participating libraries Milestone May 31, 2013
**Send update to library directors K. McColgan + Coordinator May 31, 2013
Survey Notebook of their results available for downloading by participant members ARL staff May 2013
Raw results data available to the member library in spreadsheet form (csv).  Also available, the SPSS syntax file to convert the data to SPSS format for additional analysis. ARL staff May 2013
Decide on additional analysis of results data, if any, for consortial participants Coordinator + liaisons June + 2013
Post survey results meeting with an ARL Team member and participants Survey Committee July 2013
Complete LibQUAL+® Post Hoc Questionnaire [required].   Provide ARL staff with information about the survey each institution: sample size, number of e-mails sent, incentives offered, etc. Coordinator + liaisons July 2013
Complete LibQUAL+® Evaluation Questionnaire [required].   Our opportunity to provide feedback to the LibQUAL+®(TM) team and evaluate Queen's experience with the survey process. Coordinator + liaisons July 2013
Report to CARL Directors Coordinator Nov. 2013
Last revised: 16 October 2009