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The Ruddell Collection of Early Maps

Library Exhibit, January - March 2006

[Map of Eastern Canada ca. 1692]

In 2003, Albert H. Ruddell, Queen's B.Sc. 1952 (Mechanical Engineering), donated a collection of 175 maps to Queen's University Library. The collection includes maps of the world and North America, detailed maps of Canada, and several nineteenth and twentieth century atlases. Among the historical maps are copies of maps by famous early mapmakers such as Ramusio, Magini, Ortelius, Mercator, Blaeu, Hondius, Delisle, d'Anville and many others. A preliminary listing of the collection contents can be viewed in QCAT, the Queen's Library Catalogue.

For more information about the exhibit and the Ruddell Collection:
Queen's Gazette, February 13, 2006, page 7.

This small display in the Jordan Library seeks to provide an introduction to a wonderful collection of early maps, highlighting the following themes:

  • Sixteenth and seventeenth century world maps
  • Mapping the Americas, 1585-1800
  • Mapping the Lower St. Lawrence
  • Maps of the Exploration of the Canadian Arctic and Northwest, 1750-1800


[Gulf of St. Lawrence ca. 1730]
[The Great Lakes, 1763]

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