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Information on using the resources listed on this page: A How to Guide from APA

Note: The resources listed below do not include the actual tests. The references found in these sources often provide information on how to obtain the test, as well as how researchers are using these tests. A Test Library is located at the Queen's Psychology Clinic at 184 Barrie Street. Restricted access is based on level of training and the classification of the test. For specific inquiries contact 613-533-6021 or stacey.burns@queensu.ca.

Dictionary of Psychological Testing, Assessment, and Treatment
REF BF176 .S78 2007

Key Resources

Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HAPI)

HAPI assists researchers identify measures (tests, questionnaires, etc.) needed for research studies, grant proposals, client / patient assessment, class papers / projects, theses / dissertations, and program evaluation.
To find only those articles that contain the actual instrument, limit by checking the "Primary Source" box.

HSRR (Health Services and Sciences Research Resources)

HSRR is a searchable database of information about research datasets, instruments/indices and software. The database includes brief descriptions of research resources and links to PubMed. It also includes URLs of providers for additional information or access to the resources. HSRR is not a repository of the actual resources.

Mental Measurements Yearbook (Produced by Buros Institute)
Online from 1985- (no. 9-17)
REF BF431.2.M5 from 1940-2007 (no. 2-17)

Considered the major source of critical information on tests in psychology, education, and business, this reference source is a bibliography of commercially available English language tests with critical reviews and references to the construction, validity or use of the tests in various settings.

Each Mental Measurements Yearbook stands by itself. It contains information on new tests that are published and tests that have been revised since the publication of the previous volume. For complete coverage, all relevant yearbooks should be consulted.

Online version: For each test, the database provides the name of the test author, publication information, scoring information, and the number of the Mental Measurements Yearbook in which the test was described originally.

Test Critiques
REF BF176.T419 1984-

A 10 volume set of tests, listed alphabetically. Each test is described in detail and includes sections on practical applications and technical aspects as well as a critique. Intended to be a practical and straightforward source for both professionals and university students at all levels.

TestLink Psychological and Educational Tests

This free, online database from Educational Testing Service allows you to search by test name or by keyword. Provides an abstract of the test and information on how to obtain it.

Tests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, and Business
REF BF176.T43 2008

Alphabetical listing of thousands of assessment instruments with brief descriptions highlighting test's major features, format, scoring method and availability. This guide does not review or evaluate tests.

Tests In Print: An Index to Tests, Test Reviews, and the Literature on Specific Tests
(Produced by Buros Institute)
REF BF431.2.T47 (1961-2002)
LB3051.Z9B8 (1961-2006) (Education Library REF)

TIP is a comprehensive list of more than 3000 commercially published tests that are in print and available for purchase. It provides descriptive listings and references, but no reviews, of tests in print. TIP also guides the reader to critical test reviews published in the Mental Measurements Yearbook series. These two separate reference tools work together and refer to each other.

Additional Resources

Directory of Test Collections in Academic, Professional, and Research Libraries
REF LB3051.D564 2001 (Education Library)

Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures
REF BF431.G625 from v.1-9

Provides researchers with information about recently developed or recently used experimental measurement scales. Describes basic test properties. The instruments are not evaluated.

Essentials of MMPI-2 and MMPI-A Interpretation
REF BF698.8.M5B87 2000

Describes how to administer, score, code and interpret the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.


This site includes a small selection of free tests, but most must be purchased. If you don't find the test you're looking for here, consult Tests in Print.

Test Critiques Compendium: Reviews of Major Tests From the Test Critiques Series
REF BF176.T4195 1987

Alphabetical listing of 60 tests determined to be taught and used the most, based on a survey of over 100 professionals involved in the field of measurement and evaluation. Each test is critiqued in terms of its application and technical aspects.

Last Updated: 03 November 2011