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Classical Guitar in Canada

Celebrating Canadian Classical Guitar Music and Guitarists in Canada
Library Exhibit, February - May, 2005

[Lute and Guitar display]

Cabinets displaying Renaissance lute and 7-string parlour guitar (ca. 1830) in background.

Presented in conjunction with Guitar, Eh!, a series of concerts, masterclasses, and a panel discussion on professional opportunities for Canadian guitarists on February 8, 2005, dedicated to classical guitar activities on campus at Queen's and in Canada.

Exhibit featured guitar scores, recordings and memorabilia from the W.D. Jordan Library collection, as well as images of guitar-inspired art through the ages, and two instruments of historic interest: a 1994 Oskar Graf commissioned Renaissance lute built after an original Hieber model of 1561, on loan from the School of Music Early Music Instrument Collection, and an original 7-string parlour guitar of Eastern European origin (ca. 1830), restored by Oskar Graf in 1998, on private loan from Dr. Olga E. Malyshko and Family.

[Canadian Composers for Classical Guitar]

Canadian Composers for Classical Guitar

Canadian composers and their compositions for classical guitar featured in the exhibit included:

  • R. Murray Schafer (Le Cri de Merlin);
  • Marjan Mozetich (Five Pieces for solo guitar);
  • John Weinzweig (Contrasts);
  • François Morel (Imaginaire);
  • Harry Somers (Sonata for guitar);
  • Claude Vivier (Pour guitare);
  • Ann Lauber (Arabesque);
  • Violet Archer (Fantasy on Blanche comme la neige);
  • as well as works by Canadian classical guitarists William Beauvais, Brian Katz, John Armstrong and Patrick Roux.

The life and works of Andres Segovia and Leo Brouwer were also featured, as seminal influences in the composing, teaching and conducting of classical guitar music and musicians.


[Barton-Hanlon duo guitarists]

Duo Classical Guitarists
Dave Burton and Jeff Hanlon

1923 Reading Room,
Douglas Library, Queen's University

February 1, 2005


The exhibition was divided into seven cabinets:

[Guitar books, art, and parlour guitar (ca. 1830)]

Guitar books, art, and parlour guitar (ca. 1830)

[Guitar pedagogy and the influence of Andres Segovia]

Guitar pedagogy and the influence of Andres Segovia


[Renaissance lute]

Renaissance lute built after an original Hieber model of 1561 (Oskar Graf, 1994)

[Scores and recordings by Leo Brouwer]

Scores and recordings featuring composer, performer and conductor Leo Brouwer


[Canadian classical guitar composers]

Canadian classical guitar composers

[Canadian classical guitarists]

Canadian classical guitarists


[The Queen's connection]

The Queen's connection - classical guitar composers and performers


The exhibit was curated by Lucinda Walls, W.D. Jordan Special Collections and Music Library and Jeff Hanlon, Queen's School of Music, with the assistance of Pam Manders.

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