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  • SEE ALSO the Music Course Webpage for MUSC 286 Women, Gender and Music. This site, created by Dr. Roberta Lamb, includes reading/reserve lists, course schedules and outline of assignments.
  • Reference Collection

    Includes brief historical surveys of women and music, research, biographical data, bibliographies of scores and literature, directories, encyclopedias. The following listing is in Library of Congress call no. sequence.

    QCAT searching: Books and Scores

  • Items are arranged according to the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CLASSIFICATION scheme. Generally, items are shelved, alphabetically, in author order within each subject class number.

    Class M (MUSIC) consists of 3 main sections:
  • M -- Scores. Scores are shelved in 3 sections, by size: miniature, regular stack and oversize.
  • ML -- Books on music literature, history and criticism. The BIOGRAPHY/CRITICISM number for composers is ML410. Books are grouped in alphabetical order by the biographee/subject. e.g Fanny Hensel ML410 .H482
  • Click on QCAT at any library workstation to locate books, scores, titles of journals, sound and video recordings, or government documents.
  • If you know the names of specific authors or performers or organizations, search by Author
  • If you know the title of specific books or reference works search by Title
  • Most often, the best way to begin is to search by KEYWORD(s)
  • KEYWORD(s) searches: combine composer and/or title and subject terms. To avoid retrieving sound recordings add not disc to your search string. e.g. "hildegard saint" not disc. This search will retrieve the scores and books by/about Hildegard von Bingen. Knowing that scores are classed in call numbers beginning with "M" and books about his life and music and role in music education are classed in "ML" or in "MT" you can easily distinguish amongst the citations in the catalogue record displays. In addition, the records are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent publications first.
  • Type: women and music. Select a title from the listing. Look at the Full Record to note the LC subject headings. Note the names of authors/performers, etc. that may be linked to the topic.
  • Once you find the exact wording of a Library of Congress subject heading ...
  • Search by subject
  • Some examples to try:
  • women musicians
  • women singers
  • feminism and music
  • women composers
  • women - songs and music
  • canon musical
  • music teachers
  • women in opera
  • women composers music
  • You can also search names in the subject index to locate works about composers/musicians
  • . E.g. archer violet or boulanger nadia

    QCAT Searching : Sound recordings

  • Compact discs and LP discs are best located through QCAT.
  • Use Keyword(s) search mode and add disc to your search string. Alternatively, you can specify "compact disc". See the section in the Introductory Guide re AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDINGS

    See the QCAT online TUTORIAL for other tips on searching the Queen's University Library online catalogue.

    Music Journal Indexes & Databases

    Music Index and RILM

  • Click here for the descriptions and access to the online databases provided in the Music Library Introductory Guide
  • Some examples of subject terms to search in the indexes are ..... women, women's studies, sexuality and music, women composers
  • Other Online Journal Indexes

  • A number of other periodical indexes are available at Queen's for online searching, some of which are relevant to the study of women and music: CBCA (Canadian Business and Current Affairs), Humanities Index, Sociological Abstracts, Social Sciences Index and ERIC (Education Resources Information Clearinghouse). The new Women's Resources International database draws citations and abstracts from essential women's studies databases covering classic works and core studies to the latest scholarship in feminist research.

    Click here to search these online indexes and others via the direct link from the Queen's Libraries' homepage under Article Indexes & Databases.

    Another useful periodical source is the Canadian Music Periodical Index(CMPI), available through the National Library of Canada website.

    Internet Resources on Women and Music

    Some Interesting Web Sites to Explore:

  • INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE FOR WOMEN AND MUSIC includes links related to women's contributions to musical life.

  • At the National Library of Canada there is a site about women in Canadian music CELEBRATING WOMEN'S ACHIEVEMENTS which includes biographical summaries of Emma Albani, Helen Creighton, La Bolduc (Mary Travers), Kathleen Parlow, Barbara Pentland and Ethel Stark with sample audio clips of their work.

  • GRIME This site covers Gender Research in Music Education.

  • CLARA '96 This page which originates at the University of Alabama deals with Clara Schumann. It includes works lists and biographical notes, etc.

  • WOMEN COMPOSERS is a lengthy bibliography of internet resources by Tara Guthrie.

  • WOMEN COMPOSERS of the RENAISSANCE AND BAROQUE is a bibliography of internet resources and links to bibliography and reference tools on women composers and women in music.

  • WOMEN IN MUSIC This University of Washington site provides many interesting links.

  • The American Musicological Society is a comprehensive link to significant scholarly resources in music, including performance and musicology, ethnomusic, electronic music, theory and composition, education, popular music and topics relating to women.

  • WOW'EM :Women on the web -- Electronmedia : Composers. This site is based in Florida International University and is aimed at assisting young women in career choices relating to the arts and electronic media. Includes some very interesting links to browse.

  • The Life and Works of HILDEGARD VON BINGEN (Kristina Lerman) and The Life and Works of HILDEGARD VON BINGEN (Nick Bedell).

  • WOMEN OF NOTE QUARTERLY. This site includes an index to articles published since its inception in 1993 and subscription information from Vivace Press.

  • See also Music in Canada : Research guide.

    Try searches for other music sites on the Web using a search engine such as GOOGLE . See guidelines for Evaluating Web Information.

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