Health Sciences Session Zeros in on Literature Searches

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Aug 23, 2019

Earlier this summer, Health Sciences Librarian Paola Durando taught the important skill of literature searching to a class of 56 students in the Master of Science in Healthcare Quality program. This is the third year Durando has taught this session.

“The ability to comprehensively search the journal literature for the best and most up to date evidence is a critical skill for healthcare providers and administrators,” says Durando. “This year we added a group activity – students were actively engaged in formulating a research question from a case study, translating the question into a literature search strategy, and documenting the search history for transparency and reproducibility.”

Durando’s session, “Developing & Reporting Literature Search Strategies,” is part of the master’s program’s one-week on-campus intensive; the rest of the program is delivered online. During the program, students write several literature reviews.

The group activity forms 15 per cent of the student’s mark for the week-long course and is guided by a rubric based on the Ideas, Connections, Extensions (ICE) model developed by Sue Fostaty Young, Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Queen’s. The group information literacy component complements the Healthcare Quality program well – one of the features of the program is its interdisciplinary approach and the group activity provides the opportunity to leverage students’ experiences in each others’ fields.

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