Omni is our easy-to-use academic search tool that gives you access to high-quality resources from Queen's and 17 other Ontario university libraries. Omni replaces our former search tools, QCAT Library Catalogue and Summon.

Highlights include options to: 

  • Find books, ebooks, articles, chapters, documents, videos, and more.

  • Discover and access collections at Queen's, all 18 Ontario partner institutions, and beyond.  

  • Request materials beyond Queen's as you discover them. 

  • Narrow a search using filters or browse a virtual shelf. 

  • Pin and tag materials in your favourites file for easy retrieval.  

  • Cite, email, and export to a citation tool to manage your information.  

  • Follow citation trails from references within an article, and those that cite it. 

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Refer to our Research by Subject page to find specialized information written by Subject Librarians who are specialists in your discipline, and for more help with your search strategies.


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