Library Update – June 2, 2017

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Jun 2, 2017

May was certainly a busy month of community engagement! Many thanks and congratulations to all involved with the successful Data Day program on May 11, and our GLAM event on May 25. And, your engagement and feedback on our All Staff planning event of May 24 was excellent. Thank you again to our planners, presenters, facilitators and participants!

Special congratulations to our people whose five-year milestones we honoured at a lunch this week. Not often that we have a group ranging from five years to fifty, all fit and fabulous! You can see the whole list and lovely photographs in this Queen’s News article.

In my update of May 5, I mentioned some meetings I had attended in April. There is a helpful digest now available for one of those meetings – the OCUL Directors Spring 2017 Meeting. And here’s an update on events of the past several weeks, with links to their agendas:

  • Confederation of Open Access Repositories: I attended this meeting on behalf of CARL. Queen’s is also a member, to support the vision of a sustainable, global knowledge commons based on a network of open access digital repositories. One of the major highlights of the meeting was the launch of an International Accord for Repository Networks. The accord, which was signed by 8 regional organizations (including CARL), will lead to greater alignment of repository networks, and strengthen the distributed, community-based open access infrastructure around the world. I gave two talks – one an update on the Canadian repositories landscape, and another on the Portage research data management network.
  • Collaborative Futures Directors: On the morning of May15, I attended the first meeting of the directors of the institutions that have confirmed their participation in the next phase of OCUL’s Collaborative Futures project, the procurement and implementation of a shared library services platform.  We focused on the governance needs for this phase, and I’ve been working with two other volunteers to draft the terms of reference for the committees and working groups. Calls will go out in June.
  • CRKN and Canadiana: On the afternoon of May 15, the library directors of CRKN member institutions met to discuss a proposal to merge Canadiana and CRKN. This was a meeting to discuss the opportunities and challenges identified to date, to be followed by further information gathering and a decision at the CRKN AGM in the Fall.
  • CARL: The CARL Board and then the Directors met in Hamilton May 16-18, joining up on the final day with the Canadian Urban Libraries Council for a program of interest to both of our associations. The speakers on linked open data were pleased to have a room full of directors hearing about the strategic need for libraries to have a search engine optimization strategy! (See Getting Found: SEO Cookbook, May 2015). This was my last meeting as CARL President but I continue to be a member of the Portage Directors Steering Committee.
  • OCUR (Ontario Council of University Research) Task Force on Research, Innovation and Community Impact Metrics: I’m representing OCUL on this task force, which was given the mandate to recommend system-wide metrics for the research, innovation, and community impact priorities for consideration by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development in the implementation of Strategic Mandate Agreements. It was felt that in order to propose metrics, a set of first principles must first be identified, so at a meeting on May 19 we reviewed a list of principles for selecting metrics. Queen’s interim Vice-Principal (Research), John Fisher, also serves on the task force.
  • FHSS digital infrastructure consultation: Last Sunday I attended a workshop in Toronto organized by the Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences to discuss digital research infrastructure needs.  Researchers from several different institutions and disciplines talked about the opportunities and challenges they encounter in their digital scholarship. The conversations were to inform the work of the Leadership Council on Digital Research Infrastructure.

Closer to home, the Comprehensive Information Resources Strategy Project Group had its first meeting at the end of last week, and has changed its name to Comprehensive Information Resources Vision. We’re planning to be ahead of the CIRV!

The Library Leadership Team approved a project charter to establish details of the library’s program of experiential learning opportunities for Queen’s students in order to lay the foundation for further development, promotion and assessment of those opportunities and to provide guidance for library supervisors. This will be a very brief project involving a survey of current practices and internal consultation. This project itself does not include the development of particular experiential learning opportunities; the scope is limited to resolution of identified issues and guidance for future program offerings.

On a personal note, walking back from a meeting across campus this morning, and feeling a few raindrops, I was reflecting on my train ride home last night (I was in Ottawa yesterday for a meeting related to the Leadership Council on Digital Research Infrastructure). The ride was a great opportunity to admire cloudscapes over open fields – there must be something good about this weather, right? I recently learned about Alfred Stieglitz’s series of photographs of clouds, titled Equivalents, and recommend pulling up some of those images on the web if you’re ever feeling the need for some beauty on a cloudy day.

Happy June!

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