Requesting Course Materials in Alternate Formats

This service is coordinated by the Assistant to the Coordinator of the Adaptive Technology Centre. Requests can be made at any point in the semester, but it is recommended that you contact the Senior Assistant 4-6 weeks before the semester in which the alternate format is required. 

Please provide course codes, section numbers, names of instructors (if known), and preferred text formats when you contact us. 

Our staff will:

  • Work with students, faculty, and the Campus Bookstore to locate textbook and reading information for each course;
  • Source and request textbooks in alternate formats (e.g., PDF files, MS Word, Large Print, MP3, audio books, e-Pub or Braille) from publishers and digital text repositories where possible.
  • Digitize or transcribe textbooks and course materials in-house, when required.

For those students wishing to digitize their own materials, scanners are provided for student use in the Adaptive Technology Centre Lab.

Obtaining Your Materials

Staff will contact you when your course readings are available. Before receiving this material, you may need to provide proof of purchase (if required) for your books, and also sign an E-file Statement Agreement governing your use of the alternate format text.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for:

  • Providing course selections (course codes, titles, section numbers, and preferred text formats) to staff as soon as registration opens. 
  • Promptly notifying staff of changes in course selections that will impact alternate format text requirements (e.g., dropping/adding courses), or if your required readings change.
  • Providing proof of purchase for course texts/readers.
  • Signing E-File Statement Agreements and following any publisher and copyright restrictions on alternate format materials(e.g. agree not to reproduce or redistribute the material).


  • Staff are committed to providing students with their preferred text format in a timely manner. However, we cannot guarantee that students will receive alternate format materials within the timelines required for their courses because of external factors beyond our control.

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