Is there any difference between posting something on my own website versus posting something on Queen's Learning Management Systems (eg. onQ/Desire2Learn/MEdTech etc.)?

Yes, there is a difference. Posting something on your own website means you are making the work available world-wide. Wide distribution makes relying on fair dealing more complicated and use like this is not generally covered by any University licences. By contrast, Queen's learning management systems are password protected, secure websites accessible only by students. In some cases, posting material on Queen's learning management systems will be covered by one of the University’s electronic subscriptions or by the Queen's Fair Dealing Policy, which is available for download on the Queen's Fair Dealing Policy web page. In other cases, you may need to obtain permission from the copyright owner. The key thing to remember is just because you have permission to post on a learning management system doesn’t mean you have permission to post it to your own personal website. See Copyrighted Materials On the Internet for more information and to review best practices for posting materials to your website.

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