Can I scan a print journal article or a book chapter into a PDF and post it on Queen's learning management systems (onQ/Desire2Learn/MEdtech etc.)?

Yes, you can scan and post copyrighted works as long as they fall within the guidelines listed in the Queen's Fair Dealing policy, available on the Queen's Fair Dealing Policy web page. For materials that fall outside these guidelines, the Copyright Advisory Office is now offering a clearance service for both print handouts and for scanned copies of print materials.

Use this service! Posting scanned materials (eg. print book chapters) to Learning Management System sites in excess of the guidelines listed in the Fair Dealing policy without going through the Copyright Advisory Office may infringe copyright. 

If you want to scan something and use it in your research or study, you may only do so if this is permitted under an exemption in the Copyright Act such as fair dealing. If what you want to do falls outside the exceptions in the Act, you will need to get permission through the Copyright Clearance & Permissions.

Copyright in the Digital Classroom

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