Love Data Week: February 12-16 

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Jan 18, 2024

Love Data Week is an international celebration of data, taking place every year during the week of Valentine's Day.  

Everyone is encouraged to participate in events and activities hosted online from around the world. Local, national, and international events of interest to the Queen’s research community are listed below: 

Queen’s University: Resources for Researchers (R4R@Q) 

Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy, 3 years in  

Thursday, February 15 (12-1 PM)  

Join representatives from the Social Sciences Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and Queen’s University to discuss the Tri-Agency Research Data Management (RDM) Policy (2021), including initial policy implementation details, requirement timelines and ongoing feedback efforts from the Canadian research and RDM community. Additionally, results of the Queen’s RDM survey (2022) that investigated the level of knowledge of the policy and the level of preparedness to meet the forthcoming requirements will be featured. Initial steps to respond to the survey results through various initiatives, such as the Queen’s Data Champions (2022-2023) information series and the development of new resources will be discussed. Participants will also have an opportunity to ask the presenters questions and engage in discussions about current RDM context and the benefits of implementing RDM wise practices.  (Registration details


Scholars Portal in partnership with Odesi, Queen’s University, and the Canadian Opinion Research Archive (CORA): Public Opinion and Election Data in Odesi 

Part 1: Electoral democracy data for all: Disciplinary sharing and reuse of public opinion research 

Thursday, February 15 (1-2:30 PM) 

This session will provide an overview of the Canadian Opinion Research Archive (CORA), based out of Queen’s University, and the survey data CORA makes available to Canadian social science researchers. Featuring CORA Director, Dr. Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant, this session will highlight ongoing academic research projects like the Consortium on Electoral Democracy (C-DEM): a cross-Canada election research network with a focus on political engagement; underrepresentation; levels of government; public opinion; and collaborative, evidence-based data collection practices.  


Part 2: Learn with Odesi – Data Democracy  

Friday, February 16 (1-2 PM) 

This session will focus on democratic data in Odesi. Odesi has a comprehensive collection of Canadian Public Opinion Polls (POP), spanning over 60 years and covering every region, province, and territory.  Odesi’s POP collections cover historical and current public opinion data, including political and social attitudes about anything from political figures like Justin Trudeau, to drones, housing, or climate change. This session will provide a behind the scenes look at Odesi best practices for data deposit, curation, and preservation of public opinion research data, as well as how to search, share, and reuse data in Odesi. Join us to learn how Odesi’s extensive POP collections support accessible, equitable, and democratic research data initiatives in Canada  

Both events take place on Zoom and will be recorded (Registration details). 


Digital Research Alliance of Canada’s Humanities and Social Science Winter Series  

February 12-16 (all week) 

A national series of workshops focused on digital research needs within the humanities and social sciences (HSS) community  

Session topics include: 

  • Python 
  • Deep Learning 
  • 3D visualization 
  • Data Management Plans 
  • Managing Sensitive Data in Canada 
  • National RDM platforms and services (including Borealis) 

All events take place on Zoom and will be recorded

(Registration now closed. Program details). 


Other international events 

For more information, check out the Canadian and International List of Love Data Week Events (2024) (Details and registration


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