OCUL Collaborative Futures Shared Library Services Platform (LSP)

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Apr 11, 2017

We are pleased to officially announce our participation in phase three of the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) Collaborative Futures project. In this phase we will select and implement a shared library services platform (LSP) to manage and provide access to information resources. The project aims to provide increased support for the educational and research needs of students and faculty at Ontario’s universities through improved discovery and access to information resources, and effective and efficient management and preservation of electronic and print collections through streamlined operations in a sustainable system. This approach builds upon existing OCUL-wide collaborative initiatives such as Scholars Portal technology and collaborative licensing, as well as smaller-scale initiatives such as shared integrated library systems and print storage facilities. Queen’s University Library has been preparing to migrate to a new platform, as one of our strategic priorities, for several years.

The vision for this project was set out in the Collaborative Futures Project Charter in 2014. Envisioned is an environment focused on users (students, faculty, researchers, and staff) and their experiences of Ontario-wide library collections:

“They can move seamlessly between different types of content (electronic and print, books and journals, etc.) using multiple interoperable platforms whose design is evidence-based. Via search engine optimization and advanced authentication, many experience OCUL resources from outside of Ontario. Users have access to more books and specialized content than ever before, and these resources are incorporated into their research, learning, and teaching workflows.”

Collaboration across OCUL institutions is a fundamental aspect of the project. Staff in participating institutions will work together to leverage the opportunities of new library services platforms. OCUL already conducts much of its work within this collaborative mindset.

To date Collaborative Futures has launched three phases: a feasibility study, market research and preparation for procurement and governance, and a procurement and implementation phase. Queen’s has been actively involved since phase one, and participation in these early stages of this partnership has positioned us to participate in key discussions and decisions about the future of a shared LSP.

Further information about this project can be found on the OCUL website. You may also contact Sandra Morden, project manager of the Collaborative Futures Shared Library Services Platform (LSP) Project at Queen’s University Library for more information.

We look forward to this transformative opportunity to make improvements in service and workflow at the library, and will continue to provide updates as we move forward.

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