Transitioning From RACER to Omni

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May 16, 2023

Beginning June 30th, 2023, the RACER platform will no longer be an option for requesting items through Interlibrary Loans at Queen's University Library (QUL). After this date, materials requests will be facilitated through a new streamlined process using Omni. 

The reason for this change stems from the library's current vendor, Scholars Portal, advising that they will be retiring the RACER software in the near future. However, this change will benefit library users because Omni provides improved access to materials, along with faster completion of requests. 

What will happen on June 30th?

The RACER site will no longer be available, and you will be unable to log in to Racer to place any new requests, view current requests, or history of previous requests. We suggest prior to June 30th, that you save any of your current request information if you require it.

What about my RACER requests I have not received yet?

Interlibrary Loan staff will still have access to RACER for a short time during the transition to OMNI and will be able to monitor any pre-existing unfilled requests.

Where will I go to place a request?

  1. Log in to My Library Account  
  2. Use the search bar to look for items in the catalogue.
  3. If the item is not available in our collection, there will be a “Get it from another library” button in the “How to get it” section of the record.  
  4. Complete the request form and select submit. The system will ensure your request is directed to the library that can fill it the quickest. 

If you’re not seeing what you are looking for, expand your search results by selecting “Add results beyond Queen’s Collection” using the toggle in the left navigation. Alternatively, use the Blank Request Form which will be located in the top navigation bar to enter your citation information and the Interlibrary Loan team will process your request. 

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