Exhibit Policy

General Guidelines

Queen’s University Library, a centre for sharing ideas and intellectual growth, welcomes educational and creative displays from the Queen’s University community highlighting learning and research.

The Library has a variety of venues including exhibit areas and display cases. Please select a location and fill in the form to make your request.

The Library reserves the right to refuse requests, cancel displays and request removal, if necessary. Exhibits and displays must be free of discrimination or harassment based on race, religion, gender, ability, ethnicity, national origin or sexual orientation (Queen’s University Student Code of Conduct and Harassment/Discrimination Complaint Policy and Procedure).


  • Exhibitors are responsible for transportation, timely set-up and take down of displays during regular business hours and for checking daily to make sure that they are well kept.
  • To maintain an environment for study, exhibits may not include staffed booths or talking (for e.g. no soliciting signatures, campaigning, or sales).
  • The name of the sponsor of the display must be included and all signage must be of professional quality.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for all display items as well as set up materials and props. The Library will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged materials.
  • Displays may not be attached to walls, ceilings or furniture.
  • All exhibits and displays must be non-commercial and may not advertise commercial products or services.
  • Displays must be removed at the agreed upon date. If not they will be removed, disposed of and the exhibitor will lose display privileges at the Library.

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