Inter-University Borrowing Project (IUBP) Card Request

Use of the Card

The card is not transferable. Only the person to whom it was issued may use it.


Fines may be imposed for material not returned by the due date. The fine schedule at the lending university will apply to all borrowers. IUBP cards with outstanding fines will not be renewed.

Damaged or Lost Books

A borrower is responsible for material borrowed in his / her name. Lost books should be reported promptly to the Head of Circulation at the borrower’s own institution. Lost, damaged or non-returned material is subject to replacement charges as determined by the lending institution.


Queen’s University Library will apply sanctions to Queen’s patrons who abuse this privilege through failure to return a book, pay a fine or any infraction not resolved with any participating library. Sanctions may include fines, withholding of marks, diplomas, transcripts and suspension of the right to register and / or withdrawal of library privileges. Withdrawal of library privileges includes borrowing from Queen’s, inter-library loan services, and the assignment of study or carrel space.

I have read and understand the stated regulations. I understand that failure to observe them will result in the loss of borrowing privileges in all  participating libraries and that sanctions may be  applied.