Proxy Patron Service

Queen's Library offers a proxy borrower service for faculty and staff. Using this service, a faculty or staff member can designate another individual(s) to borrow books on he faculty/staff member's behalf. The designated proxy must also have a Queen's Library borrower account. The faculty/staff member will be responsible for any items borrowed on the proxy account, including responsibility for fines or fees incurred.

Both the Faculty member and the designated proxy must complete and sign the Proxy Patron Application form available at Library Information Service desks.

Before submitting an application, please note the following conditions:

  • The Library borrower records for both the faculty/staff member, as well as the proxy patron, must be in good standing before this application will be processed.
  • All items signed out for the faculty/staff member, by the proxy patron, will be listed on the faculty/staff member's borrower record.
  • Only the faculty/staff member will be able to renew these items electronically; however, the proxy patron may renew the items at a Library Information Service desk with these items in hand.
  • The faculty/staff member will be responsible for these items, including responsibility for any fines or fees incurred.
  • The faculty/staff member will ensure that any items recalled by the Library are returned by the recall due date.

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