What kind of materials can be put on print course reserve in the library?

You can put the following items on course reserve in the library without requesting permission from a copyright holder.

  1. Original works
    • Personal materials of instructors, for which they own the copyright (e.g. assignment questions/solutions).
    • Original print books, textbooks, DVDs, CDs, etc.
  2. Coursepacks
    • Coursepacks can be added to course reserve as long as they meet the following criteria:
      • The coursepack is purchased and provided by the instructor.  The library does not purchase coursepacks.
      • The coursepack is an original purchased directly from the Campus Bookstore or the AMS Publishing and Copy Centre.  A photocopy of a coursepack cannot be placed on reserve.
      • A sticker will be placed on the coursepack that states that photocopying is not permitted.
  3. Photocopies - Photocopies of articles can be put on reserve that meet the following criteria (as outlined on the Queen's Fair Dealing Policy web page):
    • A request to put the short excerpt on library reserve is made by or on behalf of a faculty member and in respect of a specific course or program of instruction;
    • The number of copies does not exceed the number of students enrolled in the course of instructions;
    • the copy is used only for the purpose of library reserve by students enrolled in the university. 

Visit the Library’s Course Reserves and Readings page for more information.

Copyright in the the Library (Reserves, Interlibrary Loan & E-Resources)

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