Request Materials from Omni

Omni is the new, easy-to-use academic search tool that gives you access to high-quality resources from 18 Ontario university libraries. Physical items can be requested and delivered to Queen’s University Library for pickup. Articles and book chapters can be requested and delivered to your Queen's University email.


  • Current Queen's University Students, Faculty, Staff, and Retired Faculty.

To create a request

  • Start your search in Omni
  • Your search scope will default to Queen’s + Omni Libraries.
  • Please see our Placing a Request from our Omni Partners instuctions on how to complete request for physical items or chapters out of physical items.
  • Please see our instructions on how to request articles from electronic items that Queen's does not have direct access but can be requested and supplied by RapidILL.
  • With Pickup Anywhere, when you place a request for a physical item in Omni, you’ll be able to choose any one of the 18 Omni partner institutions across Ontario to pick up your item!
  • If you are unable to find what you need in Omni, or already know the citation information you can use the blank request form to get it from another library. The ISBN or ISSN is a required field. If you are unsure of the ISSN or ISBN you can type unknown in this field.


Ask Us

Ask Us

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